Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention

The mission of the Jefferson Student Counseling Center (SCC) is to support the emotional health and well-being of Jefferson students and promote the overall wellness of the campus community through counseling, consultation and outreach.  Counselors strive to uphold strict confidentiality and the clinical and ethical standards of their professions.  The SCC values, respects and supports diversity and students of all backgrounds.

The information in this document is to help educate and support the Jefferson community.

The Student Counseling Center has fostered a number of suicide prevention efforts, including:
  • Mental Health First Aid
    Jefferson trains students, staff, and faculty to identify, understand, and assist in helping a student who is experiencing a mental health concern.  These trainings are offered regularly. A training can also be requested on the SCC CANVAS page
  • QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) Gatekeeper Training
    Jefferson trains students, staff, and faculty to learn how to identify students who are struggling and get them to appropriate resources.  These trainings are offered regularly.  A training can also be requested on the SCC CANVAS page
  • Behavioral Intervention Team
    Meets regularly to identify students of concern and assist with getting the student connected to appropriate resources.    

Additional Campus Suicide Prevention Efforts

Within the first month of the fall and spring semesters, all students receive notification with information about suicide prevention and mental health support resources.

In addition to providing counseling services for students, the SCC provides outreach, education, and suicide prevention training throughout the academic year. Programs are aimed at increasing awareness and improving suicide prevention skills. Programs are offered campus-wide and are available for staff, faculty and students.  To learn more and request training, please click here

During orientations and First Year Seminars the Crisis Text Line and Mental Health Screenings are promoted

Each month students receive the national, state, and local suicide prevention hotlines and crisis intervention services through the SCC Newsletter.

In the event of a campus emergency, the University maintains a protocol for communicating with students, faculty and staff.  In addition, counseling and support will be made available to all students affected by such an event. For more information about postvention protocols, please contact the Directors of the Student Counseling Center.

Student Counseling Center (SCC) – East Falls
4201 Henry Avenue, Kanbar 323
Philadelphia, PA 19144
(215) 955-HELP
East Falls Counseling Center Website 

Student Counseling Center (SCC) – Center City
833 Chestnut Street, Suite 230
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 955- HELP
Center City Counseling Center Website

Student Counseling Center CANVAS Page 
The CANVAS site includes the SCC mission, contact information, and services including how students access counseling services. The SCC CANVAS site includes a multimedia e-library with print, audio and video resources on topic areas related to mental health and wellness.  There is also a section on local mental health providers and clinics.

Directions to use Canvas

  1. Self-enroll in our SCC Canvas site by going to this link:
  2. Once you click on the link, you will be asked to provide your campus key and password.  
  3. Once you get onto the site, you should click the Outreach button on the welcome page.  
  4. Click on Orientation, Invited Speaker and Specialized Workshop Requests.  
  5. Once there, a form will open up and you can submit your requestt

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