Office of the Provost

Ron Kander, PhD

Associate Provost, Applied Science

Dr. Ron Kander is the Associate Provost for Applied Research at Jefferson where he manages the Applied Research activities across the university in order to provide faculty with professional development opportunities and support services to improve overall research productivity. Along with this, he provides faculty, undergraduate, and graduate students with applied research opportunities in federally funded applied research projects and in curricular and co-curricular industry engagement projects. Dr. Kander is also founding Dean of the Kanbar College of Design, Engineering and Commerce at Jefferson where he teaches and researches areas of materials selection & design, systems dynamics modeling, complex data visualization, and integrative design thinking. Professor Kander supervised more than 30 graduate students (PhD and MS), published more than 75 articles, book chapters, and refereed conference papers, and presented more than 100 invited lectures and conference presentations (including three invited Gordon Conference presentations). According to the Google Scholar Citation Index, his work has been cited in the literature more than 600 times.