Office of the Provost

Administrative Leadership

Susan Aldridge, PhD
President, Thomas Jefferson University

Matt Baker, PA-C, DHSc
Provost, Chief Academic Officer

Raelynn Cooter, PhD
Associate Provost,
Academic Infrastructure

Geoffrey Cromarty, EdD
Senior Vice President, Operations,
East Falls Campus

Richard Derman, MD, MPH
Vice Provost, Global Affairs

Annette Mallory Donawa, PhD, MSEd
Assistant Provost, Continuing
Professional Development

Jennifer Fogerty, MSEd
Assistant Provost, Student Affairs

Anthony Frisby, PhD
Senior Associate Provost for University Libraries & Educational Technologies
Director, Academic Commons

Ron Kander, PhD
Associate Provost, Applied Science


Bernard Lopez, MD
Associate Provost, Diversity & Inclusion

Steve McMahon, PhD
Senior Associate Provost,
Programmatic Science

Karen Novielli, MD
Vice Provost, Faculty Affairs


Charles Pohl, MD
Vice Provost, Student Affairs
Vice Dean of Student Affairs & Career Counseling, SKMC

Scott Ravenfeld, MBA
Vice President,
Academic Finance

Brian Squilla, MBA
Senior Vice President,
Administration & Chief of Staff

Theodore Taraschi, PhD
Senior Associate Provost,
Research Conduct & Compliance

David Whellan, MD, MHS
Deputy Provost for Research Affairs
Executive Director, Jefferson Clinical
Research Institute