Jefferson Launches Virtual Graduate Programs in Health Professions Education Amid Staffing Shortages

In academic medicine, it’s common for healthcare professionals to teach students and trainees with minimal training or education of teaching best practices, and many surveys have found that they yearn to improve their skills and learn the theory behind teaching effectively. Thomas Jefferson University has stepped up to fill that gap.

Starting in fall of 2023, the University will offer two virtual graduate programs for those interested in furthering their academic careers or transitioning into academia: an MS in Health Professions Education and a Graduate Certificate in Health Professions Teaching & Learning.

According to Dr. Michael Dryer — Dean of the Jefferson College of Health Professions — the shortage of healthcare workers has created significant demand for well-trained and effective faculty to train them. Often, those educators are placed in a position of teaching students without any formal training in education.

“At Jefferson, we offer a full spectrum of health professions education programs, ranging from a graduate certificate, a master’s degree in health profession education, and a doctorate in health sciences with a specialty track in health professions education,” Dryer said. “These programs are designed to prepare future leaders in health professions education by enhancing their teaching and leadership skills across an array of specialized domains.” 

The MS in Health Professions Education is a 30-credit, fully online, interprofessional program designed to prepare leaders in health professions education, leveraging evidence-based approaches, educational best practices, and Jefferson’s technology-rich environment. It will provide students with the skills needed to become a leader in health education.

This is both the only program offering training and education for current and aspiring Residency Program Directors and other program leadership roles, and to offer Prior Learning Assessment credits for medical residencies and fellowships (up to 9 credits).

The Graduate Certificate in Health Professions Teaching & Learning is a 12-credit, fully online program developed for working healthcare professionals who want to learn how to utilize evidence-based frameworks and best practice methodologies to educate the future healthcare workforce. These 12 credits seamlessly transfer toward the MS in Health Professions Education.