Graduate Certificate in Historic Preservation


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The twelve-credit Graduate Certificate in Historic Preservation will prepare students to assume leadership roles within this multifaceted, cross-disciplinary profession. Curricular emphasis upon adaptive reuse of historic structures and the application of preservation methodologies to urban revitalization will appeal to working professionals from a broad spectrum of disciplines.

Preservation methodologies applied to projects at multiple scales, ranging from the micro level of individual structures to the macro level of preservation planning, will equip students with the skills, knowledge and experience to address pressing environmental and community-based challenges. In “real world” projects, students implement preservation principles and methods relative to both pre-modern and modern buildings and technologies.

The following are suggested courses for the Graduate Certificate in Historic Preservation, although course substitutions are possible at the discretion of the Program Director:

  • MHP-602         Uncovering the Past: Tools, Methods & Strategies
  • MHP-621         Issues in Contemporary Preservation
  • MHP-624         Architectural Documentation & Forensics

Choose one of the following:

  • MHP-626         Building Conservation and Assessment
  • MHP-672         American Architecture
  • MHP-671         Vernacular Architecture

The Graduate Certificate in Historic Preservation is a STEM designated program (CIP Code 04.0902).