BS in Human Resource Management


  • East Falls Campus
  • Continuing & Professional Studies

Degree Earned

  • Bachelor of Science

Program Type

  • On Campus - Continuing Education

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Program Overview

No matter what’s fueling your ambition, we have the tools and structure to help you every step of the way as you achieve your goals.

The Accelerated Bachelor of Science Degree Completion Program human resource management major will enable you to become a knowledgeable human resources professional for an array of organizations, through a curriculum guided by the professional organizations that govern the field. Culminating in a hands-on project building an advanced plan for human resource development, you will have practical experience to stand out in your job search. 

Accelerated Program Features

human resource students

Generous transfer credits accepted

Schedule for Your Busy Life: Eight-week terms; hybrid and online courses enable you to schedule your education around life and career demands.

Learn from the Real-world: Experienced faculty give insight into the field, while collaborative projects help develop practical skills while building your network.


To earn a Bachelor of Science degree, you must complete a minimum of 120 credits. These credits are acquired through transfer of credits from previously attended accredited colleges, universities and institutes, and through courses taken at Jefferson. Specific course requirements are listed below. Remaining credits are satisfied with elective courses.

General Requirements

College-level courses in writing, math, science, history, social science, humanities, and information systems are required for a Bachelor of Science degree.

  • Written Communication (3 cr)
  • Written Communication (3 cr)
  • Math Elective
  • Science Elective
  • COMM 220/COMX 220: Speaking to Lead in the Digital Age
  • PHIL 222/PHLX 222 Applied Professional Ethics
  • Social Science Elective

  • CSSE 101/CSSX 101 Learning Across Lifespan
  • FIN 201/FINX 201 Accounting & Finance for Nonfinancial Leaders
  • ECON 231/ECNX 231 Economic Decision Making

9 credits must be completed in residence at TJU

  • CLC 310/CLCX 310 Creativity Foundations and Applications
  • CLC 320/CLCX 320 Creativity in the Digital Age
  • CLC 330/CLCX 330 Project Management
  • CLC 340/CLCX 340 Leading Diverse Organizations
  • CLC 350/CLCX 350 Creative Leadership

12 credits must be completed in residence at TJU

  • HRM 201/HRMX 201 Intro to HR Management
  • HRM 305/HRMX 305 Staffing and Recruitment
  • HRM 307/HRMX 307 Compensation and Benefits
  • HRM 308/HRMX 308 Training and Development
  • HRM 341/HRMX 341 Employment Law
  • HRM 343/HRMX 343 Global HR Management
  • HRM 345/HRMX 345 Organizational Development and Change
  • HRM 498/HRMX 498 HR Management Capstone

Free electives: 51 credits

*Courses in this program are offered at Jefferson - East Falls Campus with hybrid and online course options.