National Center for Telehealth Education & Research (NCTER)

The Institute of Emerging Health Health Professions in collaboration with JeffConnect and the Center for Connected Care will lead innovation and implementation of Telehealth & Connected Care.


The National Center for Telehealth Education and Research (NCTER) will lead effective practices for Telehealth implementation through innovative research, training, and education to transform healthcare into the digital age.


To advance and advocate for telehealth optimization through:

  • Education & Training – to provide a variety of foundational resources to support awareness and strategies for adoption
  • Research – using data to enhance patient care and outcomes to measure telehealth effectiveness

Education & Training

As leaders in telehealth, we have developed a variety of educational offerings to equip healthcare professionals to understand and utilize telehealth technologies to improve patient care.  

View the following educational programs below: 


Research efforts are supported by the Center for Connected Care. 

News & Events

Consulting & Implementation

JeffConnect provides consulting services on a limited basis to healthcare organizations seeking guidance in launching or optimizing their telemedicine program.