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Telehealth is a fast-growing care delivery model, being used to remotely care for patients. Its use is growing significantly and is part of current and future medical practice. Telehealth broadens access to healthcare, increases efficiency while reducing costs, and enhances patient safety, quality of care, patient satisfaction, and health outcomes.

Program Overview

As telehealth expands and is adopted more widely, there is an emerging need for trained professionals, who will effectively and efficiently deliver telehealth services.

The following series of micro courses take a deep dive into telehealth. They are stand-alone lessons with education and information on distinct telehealth topics to help the learner successfully conduct, evaluate, and advocate for telehealth.

Program Highlights

  • Expansive competency based approach to health profession teaching, learning, and leadership 
  • Fully online
  • Competitive pricing
  • Self-paced


An Introduction to Telehealth: Core Concepts and Applications

This course introduces telehealth and explains its progression over time. The learner will be guided through the various modalities and types of telehealth. This course is suitable for all persons practicing, managing, coordinating, supporting or just interested in telehealth.

Setting the Telehealth Scene: Execution & Etiquette of the Telehealth Encounter

This course offers a multidisciplinary approach to setting up a successful telehealth visit, with guidance ranging from technological considerations, website manner and more nuanced recommendations regarding cultural sensitivity. This course is of particular interest to those practicing telehealth and managing or coordinating visits.

Telemedicine: Conducting an Effective Physical Exam

This course will demonstrate how the physical exam can be accomplished over telehealth, give the learner some creative ways in which physical exams can be done over video visits, outline which complaints can be treated, and how to think differently about our physical exam practice. At the end of the course, the participant will be able to understand how to do an effective physical exam over telehealth and go forward utilizing it in their clinical practice. This course is of particular interest to healthcare professionals who need to conduct physical exams via telehealth.

Telehealth Across the Continuum of Care: A Review of Applications Within the Health Care System

This course presents how healthcare institutions are utilizing telehealth to improve healthcare access for their populations in a variety of practice settings, including inpatient and outpatient, chronic and preventative care, with special populations, acute care, and surgical subspecialties. It will also highlight the use and widespread adoption of telehealth during a disaster situation using the coronavirus pandemic as an exemplar. This course is suitable for all persons practicing, managing, coordinating, supporting or just interested in telehealth.

Putting Telehealth Into Practice: Developing a Program and Navigating the Policy Landscape

This course focuses on developing a telehealth program, telehealth business entrepreneurship and delves into telehealth operations, focusing on workflow development, data collection and reporting, and quality improvement. It also discusses legal aspects of implementing telehealth, including licensure, risk, regulatory and compliance issues. This course is of particular interest to those creating, managing or spearheading telehealth programs and practicing telehealth either independently or with a group.