• College of Health Professions

Institute of Emerging Health Professions

Degree Earned

Certificate of Completion 

Program Type

  • Online




  • Program Director, IEHP
  • Associate Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine

Program Contact

Name: Institute of Emerging Health Professions
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Upon completion of the Telehealth Facilitator Certificate Program, learners will be able to:

  1. Compare and contrast telehealth and standard healthcare delivery.
  2. Define the applications, benefits, and challenges of telehealth delivery.
  3. Recognize the role of the telehealth facilitator within the interprofessional team.
  4. Identify and employ common telehealth technologies with technical, clinical, and operational proficiency.
  5. Describe general troubleshooting tips during telehealth encounters for network, connection, and audiovisual concerns.
  6. Identify the ethical, legal, and regulatory considerations surrounding telehealth use, paying close attention to “webside” manner.


The program consists of five online asynchronous learning modules. Each module is expected to be completed within a week.

The five modules are:

  1. An Introduction to Telehealth: Introduces telehealth as a mode for healthcare delivery and explains the role of a telehealth facilitator.
  2. Expansion of Telehealth: Describes the different types of telehealth delivery and its challenges.
  3. Settings of Telehealth Delivery: Describes the applications of telehealth for inpatient and outpatient settings.
  4. Troubleshooting in Telehealth: Engages the learner to anticipate and troubleshoot technological challenges of a telehealth encounter.
  5. Essence of Coordination: Explores the legal and ethical considerations of telehealth.

Participants will also get the benefit of interacting with and learning from each other through weekly online discussions moderated by the program director.