Certificate Programs

  • Cannabis Business Certificate — This certificate equips graduates with the knowledge, skills and entrepreneurial mindset needed to turn a unique winning idea that fills an unmet need in the cannabis industry into reality.
  • Cannabis Medicine Certificate — Designed for clinicians to provide an understanding of the science underlying endocannabinoids, phytocannabinoids and synthetic cannabinoids and their clinical applications.
  • Cannabis Science Certificate — Provides an in depth view of the botany and chemistry of the cannabis plant, cannabinoids pharmacology and resultant effects and how to identify and quantify the different chemical components and potential toxicants in cannabis.
  • Connected Care: Telehealth & Digital Health Innovation — To empower healthcare leaders with data driven strategies using emerging technologies to develop patient solutions.
  • Integrative Health Education Advanced Practice Certificate — This certificate program focuses on the theories, evidence for, and practice of integrative health education with an emphasis on those with strong scientific support.
  • Integrative Nutrition Advanced Practice Certificate — Designed for healthcare professionals seeking the latest evidence on nutrition, diets, and the impact of food on general health.
  • Mind-Body Medicine Advanced Practice Certificate — Brings a new dynamic to professional healthcare education, focusing on mind-body strategies to reduce stress and improve health-related quality of life.
  • Telehealth Facilitator Certificate — Developed by Emergency Medicine faculty and the National Academic Center for Telehealth, Jefferson’s program prepares the learner for the role of Telehealth Facilitator on the interprofessional healthcare team.