Cannabis Business Certificate


  • College of Health Professions

Institute of Emerging Health Professions

Degree Earned

  • Certificate

Program Length
1 year

Program Type

  • Online

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Program Contact

Name: Brooke Worster, MD
  • Program Director
  • Associate Professor
Organization: Institute of Emerging Health Professions
Telephone: 215-503-1111


Telephone: 215-951-2800

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Cannabis jobs require basic science and business concepts. Their recommendation is to offer courses in Communication, Basic Sciences, Regulation, and Business. 

Program Overview

Over half of the United States have already legalized cannabis in some form and the legal cannabis industry has been growing at a rate faster than any other industry over the past four years, becoming the single greatest job creation engine in America. However, the path to a successful cannabis business is full of confusing and complex laws and regulations, steep taxes, and many other roadblocks. This certificate equips graduates with the knowledge, skills and intrapreneurial mindset needed to turn a unique winning idea that fills an unmet need in the cannabis industry into reality.

Learning Outcomes

Through participation of this course students will be able to:

  • Understand key regulatory and business issues applicable to the cannabis industry.
  • Develop and implement well-managed and well-executed financial and operations plans.
  • Develop a business canvas, pitch deck, and budget for cannabis businesses.
  • Design and manage simple and complex innovative projects related to the cannabis industry.


The Cannabis Business certificate will be launched in Fall 2021 as one of the stackable certificates leading up to the MS in Medical Cannabis Science and Business (also will launch in Fall 2021).

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
CBU 501 *Emerging Issues in the Business of Cannabis 3
CBU 506 *Essentials of Cannabis Financial and Operations Analysis 3
iMBA 604 *Business Model Innovation 3