Student Perspectives


  • East Falls Campus
  • Kanbar College of Design, Engineering & Commerce

Degree Earned

  • Master of Science

Program Type

  • Hybrid

3 on-campus long weekends per semester, remainder of the program is online.

“The MS Health Communication Design Program at Thomas Jefferson University guided me to completely re-assemble my thought processes in a way that has made me a more inquiring, empathic, and confident communicator. Through this program, I have gained a community of friends and mentors, an impressive portfolio that wows at every interview, a new job in line with my professional goals, and a renewed optimism for the future of my career and my ability to be a changemaker in the industry. I could not recommend this program more.”

  •  Alyssa Liegel (Class of ’22)

“The Health Communication Design program has set me up for success personally and in my career. Being in a program that both emphasizes the power of human-centered design, and provides invaluable opportunities to work on meaningful projects while guided by inspiring and talented professors, has not only provided me with the knowledge and skills but also the confidence to grow as a communicator. Career-wise, this program served as a bridge between my science and research background and the design world, and ultimately prepared me to interview and get an offer for a design position in the health tech industry. The community created within the program has also been an amazing perk for personal growth. The endless learning and inspiration that comes from being surrounded by passionate and like-minded people from all backgrounds has been one of the best parts of the program.”

  • Kirby Peterman (Class of ’22)

“My time in the Jefferson Health Communication Design program was a transformational experience. I literally look at the world differently now. I see not just so many things wrong with the systems that impact our health, but also so many opportunities to apply design principles to improve them. This program directly helped jumpstart my career as a designer and communicator, opening doors in public health that would have otherwise been closed to me. I am thankful for the sheer range and rigor of the projects I worked on in this program and could not have done it without the support of my classmates and professors. If you are passionate about health, design, and/or communication, this is the program for you.”

  • Eli Steiker-Ginzberg (Class of ’21)

“Enrolling in Jefferson's Health Communication Design program was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Throughout my time there, I had the opportunity to work on impactful projects, design solutions for the world's most pressing public health challenges, and connect with some of the brightest creatives I've ever had the pleasure of working with. This program will push you out of your comfort zone, but I felt so supported throughout my journey and I'm so grateful for everything I've learned. If you're passionate about designing human-centered health solutions, I encourage you to throw your hat in the ring and apply!”

  • Meghan Garrity (Class of ’21)

“The Health Communication Design Program broadened my understanding of my ability as a designer to navigate the complexities of the health care realm to create community focused systems. I now see design as a powerful tool to connect people with health resources and shape the narrative through experiences, mode of interaction, and more. These moments are integral to determining whether someone does or does not connect with the care they need. Bringing this strategic thinking into my work has shown me there are always many ways to show, illustrate or communicate any topic, and it is important to listen and learn from the communities we design with to ensure we are doing so effectively.”

  • Stephen Andreo (Class of ’21)