Jefferson Business & Biotech Group

Who We Are

Founded in 2012, BizBio is a diverse group of Jeffersonians thinking and working outside the academic box. We are faculty looking to translate our research to patients. We are graduate students looking to use our degrees in unique and impactful ways. We are medical and nursing students looking to approach the healthcare system from a different angle. Regardless of background or position, we are united by a shared interest in the business of science. Sound interesting? Read on and join our email list to see what we’re about.

Mission Statement

The Jefferson Business and Biotechnology Group (BizBio) is a student-run organization dedicated to:

  • Exposing all members of the Jefferson community to careers at the interface of science, healthcare, and business
  • Helping members understand and develop the skill set required to succeed in such careers
  • Cultivating a network of innovative, dynamic individuals within the Jefferson community and the greater Philadelphia area


Congratulations to BizBio on being awarded Student Organization of the Year by the Office of Student Life and Engagement!  





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Officers & Advisors

Officers and Advisory Board of the 2022-2023 BizBio Student Group.