Advanced Headache Diagnosis & Management


  • College of Nursing

Degree Earned

  • Certificate

Program Type

  • Hybrid

Graduate degree
3.0 GPA


The Post-Graduate Certificate Program in Advanced Headache Diagnosis and Management brings clinically important and novel information to a diverse group of clinical learners to improve patient care and outcomes related to headache disorders.

Three online didactic courses (10 graduate credits) impart knowledge of pathogenesis, clinical diagnosis, pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment options, psychiatric and sleep disorders, and business management for clinical practice. A weekend onsite intensive provides opportunities to practice case simulations and procedures, participate in interprofessional discussions, and engage in active learning directly with headache medicine experts.

Scholarships Available

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The Underserved Populations Headache Medicine Scholarship

The Underserved Populations Headache Medicine Scholarship, created by Thomas Jefferson University, Jefferson Headache Center, and Jefferson College of Nursing with the support of the Coalition for Headache and Migraine Patients/Disparities in Headache Advisory Council, is designed to help achieve the mission of improved medical care of patients with headache disorders in underserved populations. 

This year, the mission of this scholarship is to improve the delivery of headache medicine by health care providers primarily serving American Indians and/or Alaska Natives, including those providers within the Indian Health Service. This scholarship will cover the full cost of the program tuition. 

Eligible applicants must be practicing medical professionals with some experience in treating patients with headache disorders and with a strong interest in headache medicine. Applicants must be delivering care primarily to American Indians and/or Alaska Natives. For application information, email



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