Applied Health Economics & Outcomes Research


College of Population Health


Master of Science, Certificate




2 Years, 1 Year

Applied Health Economics & Outcomes Research (AHEOR)

  1. is an academic discipline that establishes the efficacy of a product, service, or treatment; 
  2. compares its effectiveness to other interventions; and 
  3. considers its incremental cost efficiency to determine optimal clinical application and overall economic value.  

Program Options & Tracks

All coursework is 100% online and uses an accelerated term format specifically designed for working professionals.  This enables students to focus on building one set of skills at a time, but still graduate at the same pace as traditional graduate degree programs.

Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate focuses on the foundations of AHEOR. This option contains five online courses and can be completed in one year.

Master's Degree

The Master's of Science (MS) builds upon the foundation concepts presented in the Graduate Certificate and focuses on the advanced application of concepts necessary for the modern practice of AHEOR in research and industry settings.  This option contains ten online courses and a capstone project, which is specifically designed to enhance the student’s career trajectory. This option can be completed in two years.

Two track options allow students to focus their studies in AHEOR:

Industry Track

The industry track will prepare students to manage HEOR research in the industry (e.g., Pharma, Insurance, Payers). It will provide students with information on up-to-date HEOR tools, competencies in HEOR analysis and interpretation, as well as applicability and meaningfulness of HEOR evidence. The target audience will include individuals who wish to start a career in the healthcare industry, individuals in industry who want to expand/advance/re-tool their career, individuals in payer/insurance environment who want to learn how HEOR fits in their sector, and individuals in pharmacy space who want to expand/advance/re-tool their career.

Research Track 

The research track will prepare students to conduct HEOR research. It will provide students with strong analytical and statistical competencies. The targeted audience will include individuals with a BS who want to perform HEOR research in industry/consulting firm/insurance, and individuals interested in pursuing a PhD program but still undecided.

Program Audiences

AHEOR is used in a variety of healthcare settings.  Consequently, our students and graduates come from a diverse range of backgrounds, including:
  • Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and device industry professionals working in outcomes research, product reimbursement, medical communications, new product development, biostatistics, regulatory, and medical science liaison field operations
  • Governmental, policy, and public health professionals conducting outcomes research, cost-effectiveness analysis, regulatory development and oversight, and advising on changes to Medicaid, Medicare, Veterans Administration, and other government funded programs
  • Managers of health plans, actuaries, government affairs officers, provider managers, and others involved in packaging, selling, servicing, and managing health insurance products
  • Human resource professionals, insurance brokers, benefits consultants, finance staff, and others involved in purchasing and evaluating health plan benefits on behalf of employed populations
  • Students with undergraduate degrees in health policy, economics, political science, and public health and students with clinical degrees who are interested in focusing on optimal clinical effectiveness and financial efficiency in healthcare

Program Features

Our AHEOR program is built upon 20+ years of experience working with some of the largest firms in the pharmaceutical industry to train their leaders in market access, budget impact analysis, economic evaluation, and comparative effectiveness research. Unlike other graduate programs, the faculty in our AHEOR program have significant industry experience—with many still working with insurance companies, drug and device manufacturers, and population health management consultancies.

  • 100% online with no in-person or synchronous learning requirements
  • Globally focused curriculum designed by and for AHEOR professionals
  • Multiple tracks to capture current HEOR trends in the healthcare industry
  • Accelerated 7-week term format tailored to working professionals
  • Courses taught by expert practitioner faculty who bring their extensive real-world experience to the classroom
  • Complete a graduate certificate in one year or a master’s degree in two years by taking just one course at a time