Degree Programs

Doctoral Programs

PhD in Population Health Science (Hybrid)

Our PhD in Population Health Science prepares leaders to analyze the determinants of health and to develop, implement, and evaluate health interventions, and health policies and systems that improve the health and quality of life of populations. 

Doctor of Health Science (DHSc) in Population Health (Hybrid)

Our DHSc in Population Health prepares leaders to be strategic thinkers and equips them with the practical skills to create and implement solutions to real-world population health problems.

Master’s Programs & Graduate Certificates

Applied Health Economics & Outcomes Research (Online)

Applied Health Economics & Outcomes Research is a discipline that provides a framework to generate evidence to inform and guide decision makers regarding coverage and access decisions about medications, devices, and healthcare services. 

Health Data Science (Online)

Health Data Science is an ever-evolving multi-disciplinary field that involves using statistical inference, algorithmic development, and technology to make insights about data.

Health Policy (Online)

Health Policy explores the advancement and implementation of health law, regulations, or voluntary practices that influence systems development, organizational change, and individual behavior to promote improvements in health.

Healthcare Quality & Safety (Online)

Healthcare Quality and Safety is the study and prevention of adverse events, suboptimal care, ineffective treatments, inefficient processes and unnecessary clinical variation in health systems. 

Operational Excellence (Online)

Operational Excellence is the academic and professional field focused on developing and implementing evidence-based performance improvement methodologies needed to promote value and efficiency in healthcare. OpX professionals lead healthcare transformation by focusing on eliminating waste and improving system performance.

Population Health (Online)

Population Health is an academic and professional field that draws upon diverse disciplines to create a new paradigm for health improvement that engages all key stakeholders that impact the delivery of health services. Health systems in the U.S. and around the world are shifting from volume to value.  

Public Health (Onsite or Online)

Public Health is an interdisciplinary, evidence-based discipline. Public health professionals promote and protect the health of people and the communities where they live, learn, work, and play. Graduates track disease outbreaks, conduct community health assessments, plan health education programs and direct campaigns to reduce risk factors that have a negative impact on health. They conduct research, engage communities, and develop and advocate for policies, both public and private, that reduce harmful environmental exposures and that provide increased access to preventive health services for underserved populations. Graduates work on complex issues including violence prevention, human rights, and effective health communication, and they support multi-cultural global health initiatives here and abroad.

Advanced Practice Certificates

Our Advanced Practice Certificate (APC) degree programs are designed to augment prior or concurrent professional training by providing additional market-facing knowledge and skills in key areas of population health innovation. Each APC consists of three graduate-level courses that are delivered 100% online and can be completed part-time within a year.

Healthcare Quality & Safety

  • Healthcare Quality & Safety
  • Healthcare Quality & Safety - QIPS Track   
  • Healthcare Quality & Safety Education
  • Health Systems Science
  • Health Systems Science Education

Operational Excellence

  • Operational Excellence
  • Operational Excellence Education

Population Health

  • Population Health
  • Population Health Education

Pre/Post-Doctoral Fellowship Programs

The College also offers several pre-doctoral and post-doctoral training programs for learners headed toward professional practice in industry settings or research-intensive roles in academia or private research firms.