About the College

Connecting Health & Healthcare™

We are the first college of population health established in the United States with an unwavering focus on improving population health in the United States and around the world. We train leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to transform the delivery of health services by working within and across critical stakeholder groups including: healthcare providers and delivery systems; health insurance companies and third-party payers; drug and device manufactures; technology companies; management consulting firms; and community organizations. 

We offer graduate programs in all key areas of population health improvement: applied health economics and outcomes research, health data science, healthcare quality and safety, operational excellence, population health science, and public health.

Dean's Message

Our mission is to help prepare leaders for the dramatic changes occurring in our nation’s public health and healthcare systems. These systems are going through a radical transformation and we are excited to be doing our part to prepare the leaders of today—and tomorrow! At JCPH, you will explore the policies and forces that define the health and well-being of populations. Through your studies, you will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to examine the social determinants of health and to evaluate, develop, and implement health policies and systems that will improve the health of populations. The faculty and staff at JCPH are committed to providing guidance and support, not only as you progress through the program, but beyond, as well. 

Willie H. (Billy) Oglesby, PhD, MBA, MSPH, FACHE
Humana Dean
Jefferson College of Population Health

About the College

Population Health was a largely unfamiliar term when we began our journey, but health systems across the country are finally realizing the critical need to adopt a population health perspective.

If we are to address the pressing problems of rising health care costs, an aging population, and widening health, social and economic disparities, healthcare professionals cannot operate in silo. JCPH intentionally brings together industry and academia; students, practitioners and academics; policy makers and policy implementers – all under one roof.  Change can happen. And at JCPH, change is happening.

JCPH Organizational Chart

The College is committed to delivering high quality education through the expertise of our team, grounded in a high performing organizational structure.  

Endowed Professorships

Through generous endowments and partnerships, the College is positioned to support its mission.  

Thought Leadership at JCPH

The expertise of our faculty represents distinct and cutting-edge subject matter aligned with the mission of our College. 

Grandon Society

The Grandon Society is a membership organization comprised of professionals who are dedicated to transforming the US health care system through collaboration, education and innovation.  Members come from community organizations, corporations, government, foundations, nonprofits, professional societies and academia to enjoy the vast professional development opportunities.