About the College

Endowed Professorships

Raymond C. & Doris N. Grandon Professor of Health Policy

The position of Raymond C. Grandon and Doris N. Grandon Professor of Health Policy was endowed in 2004. Dr. Raymond Grandon (1919-2018), was an internist who earned his medical degree at Jefferson Medical Collge in 1945. This special gift represents the Grandon's commitment to educating students about health issues beyond the clinical setting.  

Held by: 
David B. Nash, MD, MBA       2004 - present 

Victor Heiser, MD Professorship

The 1889 Foundation and JCPH collaborated to create the Victor Heiser, MD Professorship in 2018 in recognition of our joint commitment to population health research and community engagement. This partnership  launched the 1889 Jefferson Center of Population Health, which in 2023 became an independent entity, Center for Population Health. Dr. Heiser (1873-1972), an American physician, was a graduate of Jefferson Medical College and a survivor of the Johnstown, PA flood of 1889. He was very active in developing the public health system for the American colonial government in the Philipines between 1903 and 1915. 

Held by: 
Rosie Frasso, PhD, SM, SM, CPH   2023 - present 
Trina Thompson DrPH, RN            2018 - June 2019

Navvis Professorship of Population Health

The Navvis Professorship of Population Health was created in 2018 to focus on identifying methods and best practices to create systemic, effective, and scalable population health. Through a generous gift by Navvis, the professorship was designed to fuel academic research by focusing on social determinants of health, physician and patient engagement, and person-centric care. 

Held by: 
Mitchell Kaminski, MD, MBA    2018 - present    

Humana Dean

In 2023, a generous grant from Humana provided the opportunity to support population health efforts by advancing community health and health equity. The Humana Dean endowment is part of a greater initiative to improve health outcomes for marginalized communities in the Greater Philadelphia area. The partnership with Humana is a transformational step driving meaningful change in population health. 

Held by: 
Billy Oglesby, PhD, MBA, MSPH, FACHE   April 2023 - present