Health Policy


Population Health

Degree Earned

Master of Science

Program Type


Health Policy explores the advancement and implementation of health law, regulations, or voluntary practices that influence systems development, organizational change, and individual behavior to promote improvements in health.

Program Options & Tracks

Our Health Policy program has two degree options and the master’s degree has three tracks.  All coursework is 100% online and uses an accelerated semester format specifically designed for working professionals.  This enables students to focus on building one set of skills at a time, but still graduate at the same pace as traditional graduate degree programs.

Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate focuses on the foundations of policy-driven solutions to population health improvement. This option contains five online courses, and can be completed in one year.

Master’s Degree

The Master of Science (MS) degree builds upon the foundational concepts presented in the Graduate Certificate, and prepares graduates to be health policy leaders who possess advanced analytic and advocacy skills for problem identification and actionable policy solutions and implementation.

Our program offers options for students to focus on health policy principles in the U.S. or in different environments around the world.

U.S. Health Policy Track

Students planning to practice in the United States will learn the unique landscape of health policy decision-making in the U.S., and be able to develop, analyze, and advocate for comprehensive policy solutions that can address population health problems. 

Global Health Policy Track (Currently suspended until further notice due to COVID-19)

Students wishing to practice outside the United States will learn how health and healthcare services are organized, financed, and delivered in other countries, and will develop advanced analytical skills needed to drive policy-oriented solutions to population health problems around the world. 

MD/MD/MS in Health Policy with Concentration in International Health & Medicine (Cattolica/SKMC program)

This program is for students in the Cattolica MD program completing the SKMC MD and the MS in Health Policy, concentrating in International Health & Medicine. There is a pathway to complete the MS if a student completes only the Cattolica MD, and an option to earn an APC for those who do not complete either MD. See Curriculum page for details.

Program Audiences

This program is ideally suited to prepare professionals to work in the range of environments where health policy is a priority:

  • Community-based health advocacy and service organizations
  • Public health officials and governmental employees working at local, state, or federal levels
  • Professionals working in organizations involved in the delivery, administration, or financing of healthcare
  • Human resource professionals in large employer organizations
  • Foundations, non-profits, and other funders seeking to impact health policy at the local and national levels
  • Professional associations and other organizations representing members working to improve population health

Program Features

  • 100% online with no in-person or synchronous learning requirements
  • Accelerated 7-week term format tailored to working professionals
  • Courses taught by expert practitioner faculty who bring extensive real-world experience to the classroom
  • Complete a graduate certificate in one year or a master’s degree in two years while taking just one course at a time

Our health policy program is tailored to working professionals, preparing graduates to assume key roles in policy development and advocacy. The program takes a deeply applied approach to health policy, emphasizing the knowledge and skills needed on the job.