Hearst Health Prize

Previous Hearst Health Prize Competitions

The Hearst Health Prize was established to discover, support and showcase successfully implemented population health programs across the U.S. that have made a measurable difference in improving health.  Through the Hearst Health Prize, Hearst Health and the Jefferson College of Population Health are committed to promoting promising new ideas in the field that will help to improve health outcomes and accelerate the pace of positive change in the evolving healthcare environment.  

Winner, Finalists and Panel of Judges
for Previous Competitions

Sharp Transitions Awarded the 2019 $100,000 Hearst Health Prize.

Massachusetts Housing and Shelter Alliance (MHSA) is the winner of the 2018 $100,000 Hearst Health Prize.

Intermountain Healthcare Awarded the 2017 $100,000 Hearst Health Prize.

Community Care of North Carolina Awarded the 2016 $100,000 Hearst Health Prize.