Division of Athletic Training

Clinical Education Experiences

Clinical experiences are designed to provide students with an opportunity to practically apply the knowledge and skills throughout the didactic portion of the program. These experiences will increase your level of expertise in the evaluation and treatment of patients with varying diagnoses.

Jefferson’s Master of Science in Athletic Training Program offers five separate immersive clinical rotations. 

  • Four 8-week, full-time clinical experiences
    • Year 1: Fall 2, Spring 2
    • Year 2: Fall 1, Spring 1
  • One 6-week, full-time clinical experience
    • Summer 1 or Summer 2 (between years 1 and 2)

Jefferson’s MSAT program is designed in accelerated 8-week blocks. In the program's first year, students complete didactic coursework in the first 8 weeks of the fall and spring semesters, followed by immersive clinical rotations in the second 8 weeks of both the fall and spring semesters. In the summer between years one and two, students complete a 6-week immersive clinical rotation. Then, in the program's second year, students begin the first 8 weeks of the fall and spring semesters in a clinical rotation and complete didactic classroom education in the second 8 weeks of the fall and spring semesters. Students have the opportunity to experience a variety of clinical education experiences designed to expose the student to a range of patient populations (e.g., throughout the lifespan, different sexes/ genders, different socioeconomic statuses, varying levels of activity and athletic ability, and non-sport participants) and conditions commonly seen in athletic training (e.g., emergent, behavioral (mental health), musculoskeletal, neurological, endocrine, dermatological, cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, otolaryngological, ophthalmological, dental, and environmental conditions).   Examples of settings students may complete clinical rotations include: 

  • Intercollegiate athletics (levels 1, 2, and 3)
  • Secondary school athletics
  •  Professional sports
  • Physician practices
  • Industrial settings
  • Outpatient rehabilitation clinics