Sleep Medicine Fellowship

The ACGME-accredited Fellowship has been the focus of clinical, research, and education activity in sleep medicine since 1978. 

The program is a major facility for tertiary referrals not only for the larger Philadelphia area, but also for the northeastern US corridor. Since its inception, the program has welcomed referrals for the gamut of diagnostic entities in sleep medicine.

Its director, Karl Doghramji, MD, dedicates most of his clinical, educational, and research activity to the field. Integral to the clinical and education program has been the support of a multidisciplinary network of physicians and other professional staff, representing otolaryngology, pulmonary medicine, psychiatry, neurology, psychology, pediatrics, cardiology, gastroenterology, nutritional health, and orthodontics. This diversity allows for a wide range of therapeutic options and education, such that treatment can be tailored to the underlying cause. The diversity of approaches represented by the multidisciplinary staff are embodied within the core faculty.

Selected Publications