Division of Biostatistics

Consultations on Grant Applications, Study Design, Protocol Development & Data Analysis

What We Do

The Division of Biostatistics offers two types of consulting:

If you would just like quick advice on study design or the data analysis direction/methods you are considering, we offer courtesy consultations to Jefferson researchers. Courtesy consults are for no more than one hour and do not include actual power calculations or data analyses.

We take on more extensive work, such as grant application preparation, study design consultation, protocol development, or data analyses, on a time-available basis. All projects are taken on a first-come first-served basis, except that priority is given to consultations for members of the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center (which provides some limited support to the Division of Biostatistics for this purpose).

To arrange for a consultation, please complete and submit a Biostatistics Service Request. If encountering a problem with the online form, please contact Dr. Ben Leiby or call 215-503-3803.


For consultations beyond the initial courtesy hour, the following costs apply.

Grant applications, study design consultation, and protocol development:

  • For extramurally funded projects (including projects requesting or already having obtained funding from government agencies, foundations, or industry) that include funding for Biostatistics during the study implementation period, the biostatistics consultation work is free. For specifics regarding including biostatistics in a grant application, please see the Biostatistics Policy & Guidelines and the Biostatistics Fee and Service Center Quick Guide.
  • For extramurally funded projects that do NOT include funding for biostatistics or for non-funded projects, the biostatistics consultation work is charged at the hourly rates (see below). However, consulting fees for unfunded protocol development are waived for members of the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center.

Study implementation, data analyses, abstracts, manuscripts:

  • Work is charged at the hourly rates (see below). However, depending on capacity, consulting fees may be waived for members of the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center whose work is not extramurally supported.

Consulting fees. Any consultations other than the initial one-hour courtesy consult are on a fee-for-service basis. As of 7/1/2023, the hourly rates are:

  • For Jefferson projects (including Wills Eye, Rothman, Methodist, and any other affiliates): $144 per hour for faculty and $92 per hour for consulting unit staff.
  • For non-Jefferson projects: $173 per hour for faculty and $111 per hour for consulting unit staff.

We can usually prepare an estimate for the total cost of the consultation in advance so that the necessary approvals for the expense can be obtained prior to the initiation of the project.

Please Plan Ahead

We undertake consulting projects on a time-available basis and we do not have the capacity or resources to be able to meet a project's consulting needs on any timetable. So, please plan ahead, e.g., allow sufficient time before grant application deadline (at least 2-4 weeks, depending on extend of biostatistics involvement) or abstract submission deadline (at least 2-3 weeks, depending on extent of data analyses).