Global Health Elective


Name: Kevin Anton, MD, PhD
  • Assistant Professor, Radiology
  • Director, Global Radiology Elective
Organization: Division of Interventional Radiology

Jefferson Department of Radiology - Global Health Elective

Established in 2020 by the Department of Radiology, the Jefferson chapter of RAD-AID International and the Global Radiology Elective are focused on creating collaborative international relationships to support and improve radiology services in low and middle-income countries. The program aims to reduce health disparities and sustain an environment of clinical and research innovation.

We are here to support Jefferson students, residents, and fellows interested in global health and radiology outreach. Our global radiology program will provide a wide range of international experience, education and collaboration.

Currently, we support established, longitudinal programs with RAD-AID International.

The team is welcomed to the Department of Radiology at the University of Nairobi over tea and breakfast. (Left to Right) Dr. Timothy Mutala (UofN), Dr. Robert Dixon (UAMS), Dr. Stephan Leung (Jefferson), Heather Brockel Ruggles, RT (Duke Regional), Dr. Chacha Mugabe (UofN), Dr. Kevin Anton (Jefferson), Cyndy Keener, MSN, RN (Duke University), Dr. Callen Onyambu – Department Chair (UofN), Dr. Nelson Kimani (UofN).

Nairobi, Kenya

We have partnered with the University of Nairobi, Kenyatta National Hospital, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, and RAD-AID international to establish and support Kenya’s first interventional radiology (IR) fellowship program. Jefferson faculty, staff, and residents provide education (hands-on, simulation, and didactic) for Kenyan radiologists, technologists, and nurses. The 2-year IR program graduated its first two fellows (Dr. Wangari and Dr. Muruka) in 2022 who are now practicing IR and mentoring the current fellows in Nairobi.

Dr. Kevin Anton (center) from Thomas Jefferson University leads a group of Interventional Radiology fellows and radiology residents from the University of Nairobi through a high-fidelity simulation using the Mentice simulator. Dr. Erin Priddy (back left) from UAMS discusses some one-on-one IR tips and tricks. 

Our first night in Nairobi, already reconnecting with great friends and making long-term connections. (Left to right) Stephan Leung (Jefferson Integrated IR resident), Josephine Aywak (Radiologist, Kenya), Felister Wangari (IR, Kenya), Heather Brockel Ruggles (Technologist, Duke Regional), Cynthia Keener (Nurse, Duke University), Kevin Anton (Jefferson IR), Jasper Muruka (IR, Kenya). 

Dr. Stephan Leung (Jefferson Integrated IR resident) performs an ultrasound-guided drain placement alongside Dr. Herbert Murayi (University of Nairobi IR fellow) at Kenyatta National Hospital (left). Dr. Leung assists Dr. John Mwangi (University of Nairobi IR fellow) and Dr. Chacha Mugabe (IR) in a complicated neurovascular embolization. 

Interactive case conference at the University of Nairobi given by Dr. Bob Dixon (IR, UAMS) to the radiology residents with Dr. Stephan Leung (Jefferson, integrated IR resident) in attendance. Dr. Leung also gave the IR fellows and radiology residents multiple didactic lectures during our morning conferences.

The team enjoys a three-day weekend on safari at Amboseli National Park (Kenya) where we bonded in our search for big cats, elephants, and the rest of the big five. An absolutely breath-taking adventure with Mt. Kilimanjaro as a backdrop. (Left to right) Erin Priddy (IR, UAMS), Kevin Anton (IR, Jefferson), Heather Brockel Ruggles (Technologist, Duke Regional), Cynthia Keener (Nurse, Duke University), Bob Dixon (IR, UAMS), Stephan Leung (Integrated IR resident, Jefferson). 

Look who we found! Dr. Angeline Aywak (center), a radiologist at the University of Nairobi, and Jefferson Alumni having completed her Ultrasound Fellowship at Thomas Jefferson University in 2001.  Kevin Anton (Jefferson IR, left) and Bob Dixon (UAMS IR, right) present her with some updated Jefferson and Philadelphia gear!!

International Observerships

Dr. Wangari (2nd year fellow) visited Thomas Jefferson University Interventional Radiology for a 3-week observership in May 2022. She learned about IR practice at Jefferson, participated in our daily workflow and education, made great friends, and shared her knowledge and practice in Kenya with us.

We look forward to hosting future IR fellows from the University of Nairobi in 2023 and beyond!

Dr. Wangari (Univ. of Nairobi IR fellow) spends her 3-week observership at Thomas Jefferson University IR while integrating with the team and making great friends. (Left, from left to right) Zaki Naveed (Jefferson, IR resident), Kevin Anton (Jefferson, IR), Felister Wangari (UofN, IR fellow), Steve Topper (Jefferson, IR resident), Jeffrey Burgess (Jefferson, IR resident), Stephan Leung (Jefferson, IR resident). (Right) Dr. Wangari shares some amazing gifts from Kenya with Dr. Anton. 

Jefferson Global Radiology (a RAD-AID chapter) Faculty Advisors

Kevin Anton, MD, PhD is the faculty lead for Kenya initiatives and Assistant Professor of Radiology in the Division of Interventional Radiology. He is Director of the Jefferson RAD-AID chapter and the Jefferson Global Radiology Elective.

Eric Gingold, PhD is Vice-Director of the Jefferson RAD-AID chapter, Associate Professor of Radiology and the Director of Imaging Physics.

Adam Flanders, MD is Vice-Director of the Jefferson RAD-AID chapter, Professor of Radiology, Co-Director of Neuroradiology/ENT radiology and Vice Chair of Imaging Informatics.

Rashmi Balasubramanya, MD is Secretary and radiologist volunteer in the Jefferson RAD-AID chapter and Assistant Professor of Radiology in the Division of Body Imaging.

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