Global Health Elective


Name: Kevin Anton, MD, PhD
  • Assistant Professor, Radiology
  • Director, Global Radiology Elective
Organization: Division of Interventional Radiology

Jefferson Department of Radiology - Global Health Elective

Established in 2020 by the Department of Radiology, the Jefferson chapter of RAD-AID International and the Global Radiology Elective are focused on creating collaborative international relationships to support and improve radiology services in low and middle-income countries. The program aims to reduce health disparities and sustain an environment of clinical and research innovation.

We are here to support Jefferson students, residents, and fellows interested in global health and radiology outreach. Our global radiology program will provide a wide range of international experience, education and collaboration.

Currently, we support established, longitudinal programs with RAD-AID International.

Nairobi, Kenya

We have partnered with the University of North Carolina (UNC) and the University of Nairobi to establish Nairobi's first interventional radiology (IR) fellowship. Jefferson and UNC faculty and staff provide education (hands-on, simulation, and didactic) for Kenyan radiologists, technologists and nurses. In 2020, the IR fellowship received approval and the first IR fellows are scheduled to begin their training in September 2020.

Jefferson Global Radiology (a RAD-AID chapter) Faculty Advisors

Kevin Anton, MD, PhD is the faculty lead for Kenya initiatives and Assistant Professor of Radiology in the Division of Interventional Radiology. He is Director of the Jefferson RAD-AID chapter and the Jefferson Global Radiology Elective.

Eric Gingold, PhD is Vice-Director of the Jefferson RAD-AID chapter, Associate Professor of Radiology and the Director of Imaging Physics.

Adam Flanders, MD is Vice-Director of the Jefferson RAD-AID chapter, Professor of Radiology, Co-Director of Neuroradiology/ENT radiology and Vice Chair of Imaging Informatics.

Rashmi Balasubramanya, MD is Secretary and radiologist volunteer in the Jefferson RAD-AID chapter and Assistant Professor of Radiology in the Division of Body Imaging.

Additional Resources for Involvement

Jefferson Global Radiology – COVID-19 Efforts

The program has continued IR curriculum support through RAD-AID IR Program Webinars, including the Kenya Association of Radiologists/RAD-AID IR Symposium which took place July 23-24, 2020.