Jefferson Urology History

Jefferson Urology Centennial Year

The kickoff event of the centennial year was the dedication of the Jefferson Museum of Urology on April 2, 2004, in honor of Dr. Leonard A Frank. Dr. Frank completed his urology residency at Jefferson in 1968.

Leonard A. Frank MD Jefferson Museum of Urology 2004

He retired from private practice and in 1997 joined the faculty on a part-time basis. In that capacity, he oversees the resident's clinic and became a strong advocate and primary educator of our urology medical students. For his extraordinary dedication to the Department of Urology's teaching efforts, the Museum bears his name.

A Centennial Family picnic was held at the Brandywine Picnic Park in Pocposon, Pennsylvania, in August. A photo of the entire department was taken to commemorate the year and appears in this tribute book. A Benefactors Centennial recognition display was unveiled in the clinical offices at 833 Chestnut Street. Our first formal Department Awardees have been announced and will be honored at our Centennial Gala. This centennial year comes to an official close with two days of special events, which will include the two-day Centennial Educational Program, a private reception and concert with Mr. Peter Nero and the Philly Pops at the Kimmel Center, and the grand finale, our Centennial Gala and Awards Ceremony and special Centennial Video Presentation.

The first hundred years of the department have been exciting ones. We all look forward to what the next hundred years will bring.

Jefferson Urology Centennial Presentation

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