The Hallmarks Core

This program has given me a broader education and has given me a better understanding of the world. I will continue to apply these learning goals throughout graduate school, and in my clinical experiences.

Jefferson Student, Class of 2021

The Hallmarks Core Curriculum

The Hallmarks Core is a sequence of courses that all students take, no matter which major they choose. Each of these courses targets one or more of the Hallmarks learning goals and produces work that you can feature in your Hallmarks Pathway.


Hallmarks Core Learning Goals

The Hallmarks Program guides you through the development of your Hallmarks Pathway — a digital gallery documenting your transformative experiences at Jefferson. Items in your Pathway are linked to our eight Hallmarks learning goals. 

Through this program, I was able to think more about the trajectory of my life and where I want to be after graduation by being provided with the necessary skills to be a leader in my industry.    

Jefferson Student, Class of 2021

Nexus Learning

At Jefferson, we've always believed we needed to create the professionals of the future. (We've been doing it since the 1800s). Our method? We call it Nexus Learning™ - our signature approach that is making Jefferson a transformative force in higher education. We are preparing students for the future of work by ensuring development of critical skills employers seek for tomorrow’s workplace.


Creativity Core Curriculum

The mission of Jefferson’s Creativity Core Curriculum is to cultivate a confident and flexible lifelong mindset through learning opportunities that explore individual and collaborative creative aptitude and equip students to yield novel and valuable results.