Creativity Core Curriculum

The Curriculum

All exceptional endeavors and every academic discipline requires human creativity. The Jefferson Creativity Core Curriculum will help you to expand your creative capacity so that you are equipped to work on the world’s most complex problems in whatever discipline you choose.


Creative Making Workshops

As a key to the Creativity Core Curriculum, our workshops—which require no prior topic knowledge—provide students with the opportunity and resources to experiment in a risk-free environment in absence of expectations and deadlines.


Frequently Asked Questions

From answering how your intended major relates to the Creativity Core Curriculum, to how we incorporate the curriculum into a first-year experience and throughout your time at Jefferson, our FAQs address many of your questions.

As a professional university, we know that the professions will change, sometimes dramatically, during the careers of our students. We want to arm them with the optimism to see change as a creative challenge, and remember their days at Jefferson as the time they learned to see around corners, face obstacles with courage, and overcome uncertainty in the next phase of their careers.

Dr. Stephen K. Klasko, President, Thomas Jefferson University

Nexus Learning

At Jefferson, we've always believed we needed to create the professionals of the future. (We've been doing it since 1884.) Our method? We call it Nexus Learning™ - our signature approach that is making Jefferson a transformative force in higher education. We are preparing students for the future of work by ensuring development of critical skills employers seek for tomorrow’s work place.


The Hallmarks Program for General Education

Jefferson’s general education program for pre-professional students is a carefully designed sequence of courses that all Jefferson undergraduate students complete. These 40 credits of cumulative general education build the essential skills to prepare you for your career throughout your undergraduate years.