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Name: Maribeth Kradel-Weitzel
Position: Assistant Provost, Academic Affairs & Director, MS Health Communication Design

Creative Making Workshops

Creative Making Workshops are distinct experiences of 3–5 hours in length that provide students with the opportunity, materials, guidance and time to experiment in a risk-free environment in absence of expectations and deadlines. Workshop experiences require no prior topic knowledge, and participation will result in the development of a unique artifact—whether tangible, digital, performative or conceptual. Students will complete two of these experiences during their time at Jefferson.

Topics for these workshops draw inspiration from a wide range of disciplines, and instructors are experts in their fields. Students may opt to learn about anything from video storytelling to data visualization to singing and beyond!

In a typical year, the Creativity Core Curriculum will offer over 120 Creative Making Workshops. The highly diverse workshop topics are designed to offer students an opportunity to experiment with creative skills building in an unfamiliar topic area to support experimentation and building of creative confidence. Additionally, at least 20% of Creative Making Workshops have a connection to diversity, equity and inclusion. This is defined as a Creative Making Workshop that, as a primary focus:

  1. represents interests and views of non-dominant cultures and people and/or
  2. directly encourages thinking and behaviors that support the valuation of diversity, equity and inclusion

Take a look at some of our recent student opportunities:

Philadelphia School of Circus Arts coaches teach students about success, failure and perseverance.
Students experiment with screen printing and woodblock printing with guidance from the Fabric Workshop and Museum.
Students overcome “plant blindness” with creative techniques to identify 1,000s of plants.
A local artisan provides hands on instruction about the history of Pennsylvania German redware pottery.
Students learn about the science and art of scent-making.

What’s Old is New Again: Inspiring Textiles

“I’m very unfamiliar with this content and I had so much fun. It didn’t feel like three hours. Also had great interactions with the students!”

Introduction to Acting

“I felt that we were able to express ourselves in a way other classes don’t have the space for.”

Sing, Sing, Sing!

“I liked the lesson and performance aspect. I never learned the basics of singing so learning breath control, diction, and phrasing really helped me see singing in a new light. I never knew how much thought went into this form of art and putting it into practice really drove home the point.” 

Signs of Humanity: Lessons from Three Decades of Buying Homeless Signs

“I liked how compassionate the instructor was and how he went about the workshop. I was very engaged and learned a lot about what home really was.” 

Introduction to Zentangle

“I liked how relaxing the practice of zentangles was, I was able to focus on the lines we were making rather than the thoughts in my head.”

Creative Digital Photography

“I enjoyed learning about the different ways a camera can be used in order to alter the outcome of the photo you get. I especially liked being introduced to the works of many different photographers and the thought process behind their works. It inspired me to start taking more pictures of my own to capture my own moments. I learned that photographs could mean nothing and everything at the same time.”

How to Think Like a Computer: An Introduction to Computing and Computational Thinking

“I liked how there was a real example directly correlated with every concept — it really helped me conceptualize the concepts I was familiar with. The teacher was engaging and passionate about this topic”

Drawing with a Beginner’s Mind

“I liked getting a chance to draw and putting what we learned to practical use. I also liked how we were challenged to see ordinary things from a different perspective.”

How Do I Improve My Negotiation Skills?

“I thought the instructor of the workshop was GREAT. The information was relevant and he made it interesting throughout the entirety of the workshop keeping me interested. You could tell he had a true passion for the subject.”

Experimenting with Scents: Creating a Fragrance

“I learned a lot of background information regarding fragrance during the first portion of the workshop. We then applied this information by experimenting with different scents to create an ideal fragrance using our creativity."

The Tombstone Project: The Art of Epitaph

“I liked going over what everyone would want on their tombstones. I feel like it gave everyone a chance to be creative and think about what impact they want to leave behind on earth.”

The Mane Talk: A Walkthrough on Black/African American Hair

“I felt that it was a safe space to talk about our personal experiences on our topic and was informational. It was nice to have a space that was encouraging of black hair care.”

Write and Give a Talk

“I liked how Mr. Foley, made us feel comfortable and helped us work on our public speaking. I think that it was very nice of him to help us overcome the problems that we've had with public speaking.”

Drum it Out!

“I really enjoyed listening and thinking about my own soundtrack of life, it really got me thinking and gave me good strategies for stress relief.”

Experimenting with Scents: Creating a Fragrance

“I really enjoyed being able to make my own scent and experiment with different smells. It was a lot of fun learning how perfumery connects to the brain and nervous system.”

Do You See What I See? Visual Politics, Storytelling and Representation

“I liked the small amount of people; it allowed for deeper engagement and discussion from everyone. The issues we spoke about were very relevant to today and to all of the students' lives.”

Both/And Thinking: A Key to Solving Today’s Social Dilemmas

“I like how it applied to my life right now and actually helped me in a current situation I’m dealing with.”

Please view a full listing of our Fall ’23 offerings below:

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