Creative Making Workshops

Contact Information


Name: Maribeth Kradel-Weitzel
Position: Assistant Provost, Academic Affairs & Director, MS Health Communication Design

Creative Making Workshops are distinct experiences of 3–5 hours in length that provide students with the opportunity, materials, guidance and time to experiment in a risk-free environment in absence of expectations and deadlines. Workshop experiences require no prior topic knowledge, and participation will result in the development of a unique artifact—whether tangible, digital, performative or conceptual. Students will complete two of these experiences during their time at Jefferson.

Topics for these workshops draw inspiration from a wide range of disciplines, and instructors are experts in their fields. Students may opt to learn about anything from video storytelling to data visualization to singing and beyond!

Here are a few sample workshop descriptions:


Aside from the fact that a healthy honeybee hive can produce several gallons of delicious honey every year, working with bees is tremendously enjoyable. In this one-session introductory workshop, you will gain an understanding of the fascinating world of the honeybee. After an overview of this amazing social creature, you'll learn a bit about the various products of the honeybee hive, and what it takes to keep a busy, productive hive of bees happy throughout the year. This is a beginner’s workshop, so no previous knowledge is required. The workshop will include lots of time for Q&A.


Injustice is a reality in America and each of us has our own experience to bring to the fight. Your professor will share their journey with attendees and provide prompts to help guide you into a space where you can find your perspective. Where have you encountered injustices in your life? Did those injustices impact you directly? Once your perspective is established, you will more easily align with a specific issue or a category of activism. One that will remain important and genuine to you for the long road typically traveled in the fight for justice. We will discuss ways to navigate through your perspective and how that leads to your passion around an issue. Don’t be surprised if it’s not perfectly aligned. Once you find an alignment, we will discuss how you can use creative problem-solving skills and research to build your voice visually or through an expressive format. Our objective is to help you find your perspective and make that distinctive, deep-rooted and meaningful. There is no need for artistic skills. Just an interest in the process and finding your voice to fight injustice.


You will explore the textile fabric and dye process and identify one organization that is making a difference for environmental and social justice. What innovative changes can you make at home, in your region or in your profession to decrease your impact as a consumer of the textile industry to improve the lives of people in communities and the ecosystem of the Earth? Participants will share all the options they have brainstormed and reflect upon both lifestyle choices and future socially-relevant change. Which could you start now? You will then experiment with making natural plant-based dyes from both fruits and vegetables found in your kitchen and from invasive plant species that need to be harvested to decrease their negative ecological impact. Be as creative as you like with which plant and fabric you select. Think about the positive social and environmental benefits that could occur if this practice was scaled up to a nation-wide, continent-wide or global change.

Note: For more information, email Maribeth Kradel-Weitzel, Assistant Provost, Academic Affairs & Director, MS Health Communication Design.