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Name: Maribeth Kradel-Weitzel
Position: Assistant Provost, Academic Affairs & Director, MS Health Communication Design

Creative Making Workshops

Creative Making Workshops are distinct experiences of 3–5 hours in length that provide students with the opportunity, materials, guidance and time to experiment in a risk-free environment in absence of expectations and deadlines. Workshop experiences require no prior topic knowledge, and participation will result in the development of a unique artifact—whether tangible, digital, performative or conceptual. Students will complete two of these experiences during their time at Jefferson.

Topics for these workshops draw inspiration from a wide range of disciplines, and instructors are experts in their fields. Students may opt to learn about anything from video storytelling to data visualization to singing and beyond!

In a typical year, the Creativity Core Curriculum will offer over 120 Creative Making Workshops. The highly diverse workshop topics are designed to offer students an opportunity to experiment with creative skills building in an unfamiliar topic area to support experimentation and building of creative confidence. Additionally, at least 20% of Creative Making Workshops have a connection to diversity, equity and inclusion. This is defined as a Creative Making Workshop that, as a primary focus:

  1. represents interests and views of non-dominant cultures and people and/or
  2. directly encourages thinking and behaviors that support the valuation of diversity, equity and inclusion

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Note: For further information or questions related specifically to the Creative Making Workshops, please contact Dr. Michael Brody at General questions may be directed to