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Name: Maribeth Kradel-Weitzel
Position: Assistant Provost, Academic Affairs & Director, MS Health Communication Design

How does the Creativity Core Curriculum relate to my major?

“Creativity is the interaction among aptitude, process, and environment by which an individual or group produces a perceptible product that is both novel and useful as defined within a social context.” (Plucker, Beghetto, Dow) All exceptional endeavors and every academic discipline requires human creativity in some capacity. A 2015 World Economic Forum poll predicted that creativity would be the #3 most important workplace skill for 2020. The need for creativity in the workplace is likely to increase further, and a Jefferson education prepares students for a world that requires visionary and flexible individuals.

How does the Creativity Core Curriculum engage with first-year students on the East Falls Campus?

First-year students will first engage with the Creativity Core Curriculum as part of the First Year Year Seminar course (FYS100), typically taken during the first semester. At this time, every student will take the first Creative Making Workshop, and will select a topic for this workshop from among a wide variety of options. Topics relate to many diverse disciplines and are offered in both physical and virtual delivery modes. Some students may also take the Creativity Intensive Course at this time, but the timing of this course varies by major.

How do transfer students complete the Creativity Core Curriculum?

The Creativity Core Curriculum is infused into your major’s existing curriculum. A transfer student develops their individualized educational plan in close consultation with advisors and their program director. Depending on prior coursework, some transfer students may be exempt from certain elements of the Creativity Core Curriculum.

How many Creative Making Workshops will I take?

Students will take two Creative Making Workshops. One is required as part of the First Year Seminar (FYS100), and the other is connected to the Creativity Intensive Course which exists within the major.

How long has the Creativity Core Curriculum been in existence?

The Creativity Core Curriculum launches in Fall 2020 on the East Falls Campus with the entering first-year class. The curriculum will expand, over time, to include all Jefferson students on all campuses.

Can I replace any of the required courses?

The components of the Creativity Core Curriculum are connected to existing undergraduate degree requirements. With the exception of transfer students entering in Fall 2020, all undergraduate students on the East Falls Campus are required to take First Year Seminar (which includes a Creative Making Workshop), a Creativity Intensive Course housed within the major (which includes a second Creative Making Workshop), and the final course in the Hallmarks Core, “Philosophies of the Good Life.”

What if I feel that I am already creative?

By definition, creativity is not a skill that can be definitively achieved as there is always room for more growth and exploration. The fostering of one’s own creativity is a life-long pursuit even for those individuals who already feel closely connected to creativity in either professional or personal arenas. This is true, even for the most eminent creators among us!

What if I am not creative?

Creativity comes in all forms, and, while you may feel that others are more creative than you in a traditional sense, a Jefferson education will help you to evolve the unique creative capacity that is present in you and all humans. The Creativity Core Curriculum is designed to cultivate growth for students at all levels of creative development. The components have a broad approach to creativity ranging from discipline specific content to potentially new experiences in creative making workshops. The curriculum is designed to broaden your understanding of your own creative potential.