Institute for Smart & Healthy Cities

Mission & Vision


The Jefferson Institute for Smart and Healthy Cities supports transdisciplinary research, education and innovation to advance the development of the urban environment into smart and healthy cities through innovative collaboration across the architecture, design, engineering, health and science disciplines.

To serve as a convener and accelerator for organizations, consortia, institutions and individuals committed to achieving our vision.

To create new and collaborative models to improve life for a healthier future for all Americans and global citizens.

To engage students, faculty, and researchers with a global community of partner institutions, organizations and governments committed to developing smart and healthy urban environments.

The institute is committed to source, develop, deploy and commercialize innovative technologies, products, and services advancing urban environments into smart and healthy cities.

The institute is committed to long term sustainability of its leadership, resources, and services.


By 2025 Jefferson will be recognized by leaders and innovators from government, academic, industry, and practice environments as the primary resource for the development of smart and healthy cities addressing pressing issues such as climate change, social equity, rapid urbanization and health.