Current International Students

F-1 Program Extensions

Program extensions can be given to students who have continually maintained status and whose completion dates have been delayed due to ACADEMIC or MEDICAL reasons. Students must apply for a program extension in the 30-day period BEFORE the completion date on the current I-20; otherwise, the student will be considered out of status and will need to apply for reinstatement.

Program extension requests must be submitted through the International Services Portal.

Acceptable reasons for academic delays include:

    1. Change in major field of study

    2. Change in research topic

    3. Unexpected research problems

    4. Lost credits upon transfer to Thomas Jefferson University, or

    5. Insufficient time for average student to complete studies in the particular program.

Delays caused by medical reasons require documentation.

Note: Academic probation or suspension is not an acceptable reason for delay. Individuals who have not maintained status or who have delays due to academic probation or suspension must apply for reinstatement. If this is the case, please contact the Office of International Affairs to schedule an appointment with an international student advisor.