International Visitors

International Faculty & Staff Visiting Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson University (Jefferson) welcomes visiting international faculty and staff (Visitors) to exchange ideas, lecture and advance global collaboration efforts. Jefferson Departments interested in hosting an International Visitor (Jefferson Hosting Department) should become familiar with the following information.

This information does not apply to individuals seeking an Observership, Research Experience, or visa sponsorship.

Visiting Scientist

To support the health and safety of Jefferson patients and employees at the Center City Campus, Visitors on-site more than 5 days require a Jefferson-issued Identification Badge. Jefferson Hosting Departments must initiate and oversee the Visitor onboarding process and requirements.

Jefferson Hosting Departments should allow 45 days to complete immigration clearance, occupational health, and human resource requirements.


The following steps are required for onboarding an International Visitor:

  1. Jefferson Hosting Department submits a "Sponsorship Request" via the International Service Portal.
  2. The Office of International Affairs and Export Control will review the Sponsorship Request.
  3. If initial requirements are met, the Office of International Affairs will send an email to the Visitor with instructions on the onboarding process and copy the Hosting Department, Human Resources and Occupational Health.
  4. Visitor completes and submits Occupational Health & Human Resources requirements.
  5. Occupational Health & Human Resources review submitted documentation.
    • If all documentation is received and the Visitor meets all requirements then,
  6. Human Resources will:
    • Notify the International Visitor that they are cleared and provide instructions on obtaining an Identification Badge, and
    • Notify the hosting department.
  7. Hosting Department should contact Visitor with schedule and logistics for the experience
  8. Visitor obtains Identification Badge and reports to Hosting Department
  9. Visitor uploads I-94 document into the International Services Portal and views recorded orientation video of Jefferson and Philadelphia

In addition, to comply with international partnership agreements, international faculty & staff from Jefferson global partners require an “International Faculty & Staff Invitation Letter.” Hosting Departments should contact the Office of International Affairs at for instructions and obtain the required “International Faculty & Staff Invitation Letter” template