Scholars & Employees

J-1 Application Process

An international scholar may apply for the J-1 visa to come to Jefferson for research. In order to do this, the scholar will need an official U.S. Department of State document, the "Certificate of Eligibility for the J-1 Exchange Visitor Status," otherwise known as the "DS-2019."

The process below lists the steps to be taken for a sponsoring department to bring a J-1 Scholar. All departments are required to complete the J-1 request (Step 3) 3-5 months in advance before the J-1 scholar begins employment.

  1. Sponsoring department submits the Sponsorship Request in the International Services Portal
  2. The Office of International Affairs (OIA) confirms the eligibility of J-1 according to the regulations set by the Department of State and the Department of Labor
  3. Sponsoring department submits all the required forms and documents to complete the request in the International Services Portal. This step must be completed 3-5 months before the requested start date
  4. OIA reviews the J-1 request
  5. Export Compliance Officer reviews the J-1 request
  6. OIA issues the DS-2019 Form and ships it to prospective J-1 Exchange Visitor
  7. Prospective J-1 Exchange Visitor applies for J-1 visa at the U.S. Embassy
  8. J-1 Exchange Visitor notifies the sponsoring department, HR, and OIA of their Visa approval and flight schedule
  9. J-1 Exchange Visitor completes a check-in with OIA and all other mandatory onboarding procedures, such as immunization clearance with Jefferson Occupational Health Network