Student Health Insurance Plan

2024-2025 Academic Year


All matriculated students who: a) have any on-campus experience, and/or; b) have a clinical/internship are required to have and annually verify health insurance coverage (see exemptions below). Students required to have insurance are charged for the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) at registration and must confirm enrollment or submit a waiver to opt out by the deadline.  Students who do not enroll or waive by the deadline will be enrolled in the SHIP retroactively to the policy effective date and responsible for the SHIP premium. 


  1. If the academic program is fully online and has no clinical/internship
  2. If the academic program is in Continuing and Professional Studies (CPS)
  3. If enrolled in a certificate program without a clinical/internship component then verification is not required and students are not eligible to purchase insurance through the university sponsored plan.

Annual Enrollment/Waiver

Every fall semester, students who are required to have health insurance that meets the University’s requirements must enroll or waive coverage on the University Health Plans site by the enrollment/waiver deadline.

  • Failure to enroll/waive by the deadline results in AUTOMATIC enrollment in the University sponsored plan and the student is responsible for the premium for the 12-month policy.
  • Students whose first term is not fall semester, will have to enroll/waive during their first semester and again, during the following annual enrollment/verification period.

*Please note: Once a student has registered for classes two things occur:

  1. Students will be able to accept or waive health insurance coverage on the site (please allow for 48 hours after registering for classes before attempting to login).
  2. The health insurance semester premium is placed on the student’s account until the insurance is waived (within the waiver period).

Upcoming Waiver/Enrollment Periods

Failure to enroll/waive by deadline will result in automatic enrollment in the United Healthcare plan for the year.

FALL (Annual)

Opens: Currently open for eligible students who are registered for Fall classes
Closes: August 15, 2024