Center for Career Success

Send a Thank-You Note

It is polite to send a thank-you note via email or by mail within a day or two of your meeting. This shows your sincere interest and thanks, as well as making you more memorable. Make sure to thank them for the information, as well as their time. Ask your contact to let you know if there is any information they come across that may be helpful as you continue to research this career path.

Take Notes & Review What You Have Learned

It is important to make notes regarding your experience with the informational interview. It is a good idea to write down the names and positions of anyone to whom you were introduced. The notes should focus on different aspects of the particular organization or career, including positive and negative impressions. These will come in handy if you later have an interview with the organization!

Reflect on the aspects of each career path that are particularly exciting, as well as those aspects that don’t excite you. Discuss these with a mentor or career counselor, to ask for their help in connecting with jobs and employers who meet your interests.