Thomas Jefferson University

Commuter Services Office

The Commuter Services Office (CSO) provides transportation and parking assistance to employees and students of Thomas Jefferson University, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, and Jefferson University Physicians.

A partnership with CSO and those companies providing area transportation and parking results in a savings passed on to you. The benefits include discounts on the following: transit passes, transit tickets, transit tokens, and parking permits. Note: all sales are final and returns or exchanges are not permitted.

ATTENTION EMPLOYEES: For additional parking and commuter information, please visit the secure Commuter Services Offices' Confluence site.

UPDATE 09/08/2021: Per IS&T, you will now need to be on the Jefferson network to access Confluence.

The Commuter Services Office will continue to remain open Monday through Friday from 7am to 4:30pm. The office number is 215-955-6417.

To gain access to the Bookstore/CSO entrance, ALL employees are required to wear a mask and present a valid Jefferson Photo ID.

Jefferson has Transitioned to the SEPTA KEY

about the Septa Key Card

The maximum amount of money an employee may elect as a pre-tax payroll deduction for transit/parking per month is $270.00

Employees may enroll in Payroll Deduction or make changes to their current enrollment via the Employee Self Service Link.

Payment from Future Check Option Discontinued

Effective January 1, 2020You will no longer be able to use after-tax deduction from a future paycheck to cover any additional product cost for Pass-Buy-Mail, PATCO or parking above the IRS pre-tax deduction limit. Funds must be available in your account to pay in full for the product/service at the time of the transaction. If you do not have sufficient funds in your account to cover the cost of your product/service, we will not be able to provide you with the product/service until complete payment is received.

Your CSO Transaction History can be viewed through PeopleSoft Self Service. Employees can view their Qualified Trans Benefit and CSO Additional Payment Aft Tax balances in the Photo ID Center

Save Money with Payroll Deduction

Save money by setting aside pre-tax dollars to pay for qualified parking and transportation costs. Consider enrolling in Payroll Deduction.

Jefferson's Pre-Tax Parking & Transportation Plan provides an opportunity for you to save tax dollars on the Commuter Services products/services that you purchase to get to and from Jefferson for work.

Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday
7:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Closed on all
University Holidays

Payment Options

Pretax Payroll Deduction
IDT (Department Purchase)

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