Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University

Hallmarks Program for General Education


General education at Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University) focuses on eight key qualities that are essential for your personal and professional success. Our Hallmarks Program identifies and develops these qualities as you advance through your major, your general education core curriculum (the Hallmarks Core), and your co-curricular activities (internships, study abroad, student organizations, etc.), preparing you to be a leader in your field.

With the goal of imagining and realizing better futures, the Hallmarks Program for General Education at Jefferson empowers students to:

  • Question based on curiosity and confidence

  • Adapt based on contextual understanding and global perspective

  • Contribute based on empathy and collaboration

  • Act based on initiative and ethical reflection


Design Thinking as a Strategy for Consensus in General Education Reform

Read about the values and goals of the Hallmarks Program, and about the design thinking methods used in its development.



While at Jefferson, you will build your Hallmarks Folio. The electronic portfolio collects 20 highlights of your academic work and experiences and uses them to chart your progress towards the Hallmarks learning goals. Eight of them will be work from your major, eight will be from your work in the Hallmarks Core, and the remaining four can be taken from your co-curricular experiences or other academic work that you have completed.

Your e-portfolio charts your intellectual growth and demonstrates your mastery of these eight vital competencies.