Thomas Jefferson University

Accessing Jefferson Email

Users can open Outlook from the web (recommended for users who share a workstation) or by clicking on Outlook in your Start menu’s program list (only recommended for users with their own individual workstation).

Via the Web (JeffMail)

Outlook is referred to as JeffMail when it’s accessed from the web. Here are some of the ways you can get to it:

Web Option 1 - JeffNet Portal

Log into the JeffNet portal:


Look for a link to JeffMail account in place of the previous mail/calendar summary information:


Click on the link to bring up the Outlook (JeffMail) login page and enter your campus key and password:


Web Option 2 – Messaging Tab

Clicking on the JeffNet portal Messaging tab will also bring up the Outlook (JeffMail) login page.  


Web Option 3 –

Open in your browser to access your Outlook email and calendar. Remember to bookmark it for future reference.

Via Installed Desktop Client Application

The Outlook client application installed on desktops should only be accessed by users who have their own individual workstation. To launch, go to the Start menu on your computer and select “All Programs.” Open the folder for Microsoft Office and click on Microsoft Outlook 2010. This should launch your email setup wizard. To configure, follow the Outlook 2010 Configuration Guide located in the FAQs & Users Guides section of this website.