Thomas Jefferson University

Student Health Insurance Plan


Insurance Requirements

All matriculated students who a) have any on-campus experience and/or b) have a clinical/internship are required to have and annually verify health insurance coverage (see exemptions below).


  1. If the academic program is fully online and has no clinical/internship, verification is not required and students are not eligible to purchase insurance through the university sponsored plan.
  2. If the academic program is in the School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS), verification is not required and students are not eligible to purchase insurance through the university sponsored plan.
  3. If enrolled in a certificate program without a clinical/internship component.

Link to University Policy 

Annual Enrollment/Waiver

Every fall semester, students who are required to have health insurance that meets the University’s requirements must enroll or waive coverage in the Student Portal by the enrollment/waiver deadline.

  • Failure to enroll/waive by the deadline results in AUTOMATIC enrollment in the University sponsored plan and the student is responsible for the premium for the 12-month policy.
  • Students whose first term is not fall semester, will have to enroll/waive during their first semester and again, during the following annual enrollment/verification period.

Annual Insurance Enrollment Period:

Opens: Currently Open

Closes: September 16, 2022

Failure to enroll/waive by deadline will result in automatic enrollment in the United Healthcare plan for the year. 

  • Spring Deadline (new enrollment only) 

Opens: November 28, 2022

Closes: February 10, 2023

  • Summer Deadline (new enrollment only) 

Opens: June 12, 2022

Closes: July 12, 2023

How to Enroll/Waive Insurance

  1. Once a student has registered for classes two things occur:

    a.) Students will be able to accept or waive health insurance coverage in the first student portal (please allow for 48 hours after registering for classes before attempting to login).

    b.) The health insurance premium is placed on the student’s account until the insurance is waived (within the waiver period).
  2. Go to insurance portal at
  3. Select Thomas Jefferson University from drop down men
  4. Select either “I want to Enroll in the insurance plan” or “I want to waive the insurance plan”
  5. Follow prompts from the portal to enroll or waive coverage

Student Health Insurance Rates

  1. Rates, including rates to add coverage for dependent(s) and dental insurance are found at
  2. Rates are determined annually and approved by the State of Pennsylvania Insurance Commission.
  3. Students are responsible to pay for health insurance and the premium charge will be included on their semester bill.  Annual premiums are divided into two semester bills (Fall and Spring) but insurance coverage is for the academic year from fall through summer.

Student Health Insurance Contacts

Below is a list of contacts for the insurance. When emailing please:

  • Send the email from your official student email address
  • Include your campus key
  • Share your experience and your reason for need of support

When reaching out please be aware of the following:

  • Responses may take 48 business hours.  As long as the student reached out for support before the deadlines accommodations can be made (if appropriate) based on those needs.
  • Do to confidentiality, some communications will be sent through secure emails
  •  Emails will come from, or
  • Zix, Cisco, and Microsoft Office 365 are used for secure emails
  • Students must use their (even if student is a Jefferson employee)

Jefferson and the insurance provider participate in a regular (usually weekly) meeting and the student’s issue will be part of the discussion.  The student will receive an update or resolution following this meeting. 

Insurance Provider: United Healthcare/Frist Students

Enrollment/Waiver Portal:

Thomas Jefferson University Student Insurance Support


Is Thomas Jefferson University the insurance provider?

No, insurance is provided by United Healthcare and managed by its affiliate, First Risk Advisors via United Healthcare is the carrier for those students who want this plan or who fail to verify enrollment in a comparable plan by the deadline, which meets the University’s requirements.

What is meant by the term “waiving insurance”?

Every student required to have health insurance is automatically billed for the United Healthcare insurance plan. Students who have comparable insurance, may waive the United Healthcare plan. Failure by the student to waive the United Healthcare insurance by the deadline results in being incepted and the student being billed for the academic year.

What happens to student’s insurance if they leave the University before the end of the academic year?

If the student leaves the University during or at the end of the fall semester, the United Healthcare coverage will end on December 31st for the student and any enrolled dependent(s).

  • Students and dependents may not remain enrolled in the United Healthcare plan after the semester if they have left the University.
  • Students who go on an official Leave of Absence are still classified as students and therefore will remain on the health insurance plan through the academic year.  

Why was the student denied waiver?

If the student tried to waive coverage and received a message “waiver denied” it means that the insurance coverage identified by the student does not meet the University’s requirement. The student will remain enrolled in the United Healthcare plan unless/until a comparable plan is attained, by the enrollment deadline.

What are the minimum standards of acceptable student healthcare plan?

  • An employer-based plan through a parent, spouse, partner or own plan
  • An individual plan purchased through a U.S. government exchange
  • An individual plan Insurance that allows access at the students’ local residence and on campus at the University
  • Insurance provider must have a U.S. based claims office and be approved to do business in Pennsylvania
  • Plan must meet guidelines of the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (PPACA): Link to guidelines
  • All U.S. government sponsored plans (e.g. Medicare, Tricare, Medicaid, Veterans Affairs) meet the requirements of the plan

Do employees of Thomas Jefferson enrolled in an academic program need to waive coverage?

Yes, all students who are required to have health insurance must waive student insurance coverage annually even if they have insurance as an employee of Thomas Jefferson.

What happens if student “ages off” parents health insurance?

Students who reach the age of 26 typically need to leave their parent’s policy. Under this circumstance, a student who previously waived United Healthcare’s plan, can enroll in the plan. The Student should contact First Risk Advisors directly and advise that they are a student at Thomas Jefferson University and have aged off their parent’s plan and need to enroll. Representatives for United Healthcare can be reached at 1-800-505-4160 or; If emailing, please include campus key and date of coverage termination.

What are the reasons allowing a student to add health insurance coverage during an academic year?

Students who waived the insurance during the open enrollment period may be able to enroll in the policy for themselves/dependents if they experience a Qualifying Life Event (loss of coverage) based on the following events

  1. Change in marital status (marriage, divorce, widowed)
  2. Change in employment status
  3. Age off parent's insurance (age 26)
  4. Loss of coverage through no fault of your own

If the student meets any of the QLE’s they may contact First Risk Advisors at 1-800-505-4160 or  for prorated cost and enrollment information.

What to do if the United Healthcare portal or representative is not assisting student?

A student who is experiencing difficulty with the health plan insurance portal or is not receiving assistance from First Risk Advisors, should contact their University representative who will try and assist. When emailing please:

  • Email from official student email address
  • Include campus key
  • Share experience and reason for need of support

Can the student add dependents and/or dental insurance to their Student Health Plan?

Yes, the plan includes an option for both dependent and dental insurance coverage.  Please contact First Risk at 1-800-505-4160 or to add one or both of these to the plan.  Billing for dependent and/or dental coverage will be added to the student’s tuition bill.

What does the insurance plan cover?

For details on United Healthcare student insurance coverage, please

  • The United Healthcare plan does include prescription benefits.
  • If traveling outside the U.S., check with First Risk to verify the scope of international coverage.

Do International Students have to comply with the insurance requirements?

Yes, International Students who are required to have health insurance, must comply with University policy including annual enrollment/waiver, billing, and minimum insurance coverage requirement.