Jefferson Academic Outreach Programs

Launched in 2014 with a focus on science and health professions, the academic outreach programs have grown to include architecture, landscape design, textile design, fashion, and more following the merger of Philadelphia University and Thomas Jefferson University.

Central to the mission of these programs is expanding opportunities for students from diverse, first-generation, and historically marginalized communities to explore their interests and prepare for their futures.

Read on to learn more about participating in or supporting academic outreach at Jefferson.


Volunteer with Academic Outreach

Are you a member of the Jefferson community who would like to volunteer with academic outreach?

Initiatives like the Future Health Professionals Program for high school students and Saturday STEM Academy for middle school students rely on a dedicated group of faculty, students, and staff to teach and mentor participants, and to deliver programming. Apply to become a volunteer today!.


Become a Student Advisory Board Member

Students in Jefferson's graduate and professional degree programs are invited to join the Advisory Board for Academic Outreach.  This is an excellent leadership and service opportunity for those who want to do more to inspire and prepare the next generation of STEM and healthcare professionals. The Board helps plan, implement, and improve the Future Health Professionals Program (FHPP), a 16-session afterschool program for high school students, and Saturday Academy, a six-session STEM enrichment program for 7th and 8th graders.

Application Deadline: Applications have closed for 2022; we will consider new applications in spring 2023.