Historic Preservation Track

Today new and emerging digital technologies are part of the Historic Preservationist toolkit for managing, documenting, conserving, and interpreting historic or culturally significant structures and places. This toolkit includes: Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) scanning technology, Photogrammetry, Augmented Reality and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Preservationists work as preservation architects, architectural historians, archivists, preservation planners, city planners, downtown/Main Street development specialists, historic site curators, restoration project managers, material conservators, and private preservation consultants. Preservationists contribute expertise to interdisciplinary teams in architecture and design firms; local, state, and federal government agencies; and in preservation advocacy and nonprofit organizations. Come to Philadelphia — the first UNESCO World Heritage City — and imagine the future by preserving the past!

Historic Preservation Curriculum

  • ARST-221 Issues In Contemporary Preservation
  • ARST-302 Uncovering the Past: Tools, Methods, and Strategies
  • ARST-324 Architectural Forensics & Documentation
  • ARST-266 Building Conservation & Assessment
  • MHP-403 Restoration & Rehabilitation of Modernist Buildings
  • ARCH-672 American Architecture
  • ARCH-671 Vernacular Architecture
  • SDN-601 Principles and Methods of Sustainable Design
  • ARST-4xx Architectural Studies Capstone

4+1 BS Architectural Studies/MS Historic Preservation - 25 remaining credits