XR Game Environments Track

The XR Game Environments track hones skills that focus on data-rich 3D documentation, rapid fabrication, and incorporating animation to tell architectonic stories in 4D. This track allows students to merge digital and real-world projects by utilizing powerful technology (LIDAR, advanced rendering), and environmental simulation (modeling and animation) to create augmented environments.

As a graduate of the BS Architectural Studies, XR Game Environments track, you can work in architecture and design firms as Design Technology Specialists, 3-D Assets and Resource Managers, Marketing and Visualization Coordinators, Digital Assets Directors, VR Specialists and Rendering Specialists, or as Visualization Consultants to community, government, and non-profit organizations. Classes and experiences empower graduates to combine high technological facility and specialized spatial language to feed the growing appetite to bring physical environments to digital life!

XR Gaming Environments Curriculum

  • *Choose one of the following:
  • ARCH-326 Visualization 4: Advanced Modeling
  • INTD-306 Advanced Visualization: Interiors
  • *Choose one of the following:
  • ARCH-324 Experimental Modeling
  • ARCH-413 Experimental Structures
  • ARCH-414 Experimental Materials
  • GEOD-601 Introduction to GIS
  • POTO-307 History of Photography
  • *Choose one of the following:
  • POTO-102 Digital
  • POTO-101 Black & White
  • ANIM-201 Animation
  • ANIM-202 Storyboarding                
  • ANIM-302 Introduction to VR Design
  • ARST-4xx Architectural Studies Capstone

*Students may apply the twelve credits of free electives to complete additional coursework.

Graduates may pursue graduate studies in Geospatial Technologies for Geodesign, the Master of Urban Design, and the Master of Architecture.

Hero image: Salvatore Armetta '21