MS in Urban Analytics & Geodesign


  • East Falls Campus
  • College of Architecture & the Built Environment

Degree Earned

Master of Science

Program Type

  • On Campus

The MS in Urban Analytics & Geodesign provides students with interdisciplinary urban research and design, incorporating spatial data science, urban informatics, geospatial technology, and sustainability. This 30-credit, STEM-designated MS program leverages data-driven technologies in identifying and addressing major issues our cities continue to face, such as urbanization, climate change, inequality, and resource depletion.

Collaboration with the Jefferson Institute for Smart and Healthy Cities offers students unparalleled opportunities for research and industry experience. Addressing climate change, public health, pandemics and other challenges by incorporating urban analytics, computational design, and smart technologies into urban environments is the next frontier within the profession.

MS in Urban Analytics & Geodesign is a STEM-designated program (CIP Code 11.0804), which allows international students to be eligible for a total of 3 years of employment within their discipline based on the Optional Practical Training (OPT) Program.

Mapping Density