Graduate Certificate in Construction Management


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The twelve (12)-credit Graduate Certificate in Construction Management will train students to assume leadership roles within this increasingly multifaceted and cross-disciplinary industry. Construction Managers must demonstrate mastery of a broad spectrum of skill sets and knowledge bases to plan and supervise the construction process as applied to commercial, residential and infrastructural building projects. The mission of the Graduate Certificate in Construction Management is to provide students with a broad-based, practice-oriented understanding of construction technology, sustainable principles and business practices.

The target audience for this certificate program comprises two distinct groups. One group includes graduates of professional programs, including Architecture, Interior Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Business Administration, seeking to build knowledge and credentials in the field of construction management; and the second group includes professionals already working in the construction industry who would like to update their knowledge of new and emerging techniques and concepts. Students will be able to take classes either online or on campus on a part-time basis to coordinate with work schedules.

Required Courses:

  • CMGT-600        Construction Estimating & Scheduling
  • CMGT-603        Construction Law: Roles & Responsibilities
  • CMGT-604        Project Finance & Cost Control
  • CMGT-606        Construction Risk Management                                                                                           

The Graduate Construction Management Certificate is a STEM designated program (CIP Code 15.1001).