Health Sciences BS/Pre-Physician Assistant


College of Health Professions


Bachelor of Science


East Falls


On Campus


4 Years

The Health Sciences BS / Pre-Physician Assistant program includes courses that are typically required as admission prerequisites for PA graduate programs. In addition, students complete two science and more than five free electives to fulfill undergraduate degree requirements. Students generally choose electives to augment their PA admission profile, and to meet unique PA graduate program prerequisite courses not included in the program. The 4-year Health Sciences BS offers greater flexibility to complete undergraduate degree requirements, and provides more opportunities to incorporate extra-curricular experiences like study away or intercollegiate athletics.

Acceptance into the Pre-Physician Assistant major does not assure a seat in the graduate PA Program. However, it does provide for an assured interview for selected reserved seats in the East Falls or Voorhees campus PA professional programs for students who meet progressions requirements.

Academic Progression Criteria required to qualify for assured interview:

  • Complete all required undergraduate courses, with grade of B or higher, including labs. A course can be repeated only once; no more than two courses may be repeated. Withdrawing from a course will count toward number of repeated courses.
  • Earn a minimum 3.500 (unrounded) cumulative and science GPAs at end of each spring semester.
  • Submit online CASPA application by stated deadline prior to year 4 (at least 9 science undergraduate courses must be completed at time of application).
  • Complete minimum 200 hours of direct patient care.
  • Complete EMT, CNA, or Medical Assistant certification program at time of application to CASPA. Training hours for these certifications do not count in the minimum of 200 hours.
  • Complete legal and health clearances required for matriculation.

Year 1

  • Pathways Seminar
  • Writing Seminar I: Written Communication
  • Topics in American Studies
  • Writing Seminar II: Multimedia Communication
  • Chemistry I Lecture & Lab
  • Biology I Lecture & Lab
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Introduction to Health Professions
  • Chemistry II Lecture & Lab
  • Biology II Lecture & Lab

Year 2

  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Ethics
  • American Diversity
  • Global Diversity
  • Global Citizenship
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Anatomy & Physiology I Lecture & Lab
  • Anatomy & Physiology II Lecture & Lab
  • Introduction to Healthcare
  • Health Sciences Electives (6 credits)

Year 3

  • Developmental Psychology
  • Contemporary Global Issues
  • Health Sciences Elective (3 credits)
  • Microbiology Lecture & Lab
  • Biology Elective (4 credits)
  • Science Elective (Organic Chemistry recommended)
  • Applied Statistics for Health Sciences
  • Clinical Interactions
  • Principles of Genetics Lecture & Lab
  • Free Elective

Year 4

  • Integrative Seminar
  • Philosophies of the Good Life
  • Medical Terminology and Documentation
  • Psychology Electives (6 credits)
  • Free Electives (15 credits; consider 4-course minor)