Physician Assistant Studies

There are two options for undergraduate students who wish to prepare for a career as a Physician Assistant.

    4+2 program - Health Sciences BS / Physician Assistant MS - This accelerated 6-year Dual-Degree program guarantees students admission to both the BS and MS program at the time of initial application. Students must meet the established progression criteria to maintain their seat and progress into the MS in Physician Assistant program.

    4-Year Health Sciences BS / Pre-Physician Assistant - Students in this pathway are admitted to the 4-year BS in Health Sciences program at the time of initial application. During their undergraduate education they complete all the relevant coursework and prerequisites to apply to graduate Physician Assistant programs. They are not guaranteed admission to the MS in Physician Assistant Studies program; however, students who submit a formal application and meet progression criteria are guaranteed an interview for selected reserved seats at the East Falls or Voorhees campus Physician Assistant programs.