2+2 Health Sciences / Medical Laboratory Sciences & Biotechnology


  • East Falls Campus
  • College of Health Professions

Degree Earned

  • Bachelor of Science

Program Type

  • On Campus

As a student in the Health Sciences / Medical Laboratory Sciences and Biotechnology BS pathway, you will build strong skills in critical thinking and problem solving through foundation courses in the sciences, psychology and humanities on the East Falls campus. Through classes and co-curricular activities, you will participate in college life with students from other majors such as pre-med, health, engineering, architecture and design.

The courses you’ll complete in the first two years fulfill prerequisite coursework preparing you for success in upper-division courses for a BS in Biotechnology, Cytotechnology and Cell Sciences, or Medical Laboratory Sciences at the Center City campus. 

Students who interview and maintain progression criteria are guaranteed to matriculate into the professional phase. Jefferson’s academic advisors and faculty work closely with our students on course selection and academic progression to ensure that each student is on pace to transition into the professional phase of the program.


East Falls Campus


  • Pathways Seminar
  • Written Communication
  • Multimedia Communication
  • Pre-Calculus/ Intro to Calculus
  • Topics in American Studies
  • Diversity/Citizenship (6 credits)
  • Ethics


  • Introduction to Psychology

Health Sciences

  • Intro to Health Professions
  • Intro to Health Care
  • Applied Statistics


  • Biology I & II with Labs
  • Chemistry I & II with Labs
  • Anatomy & Physiology I & II with Labs
  • *Science Elective

All grades must be C or higher; AP credit accepted for non-science courses only

Matriculation requires preferred 3.0 or higher overall GPA and science GPA

*Science elective (choose 1): BIOL 207/L; BIOL 256/L; BIOL 309; BIOL 321; CHEM 201; or for Biotech and Med Lab Science concentrations PHYC 111

Center City Campus

If you meet all progression criteria you are guaranteed a seat in the Bachelor of Science program. Choose from among three specialty areas during the professional phase of the program. Each has a different range of courses and credits. Learn more about each area:

  • Biotechnology: This program prepares students for careers that develop the innovative technologies utilized in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and healthcare industries. Examples include vaccine development, cell and gene therapy, molecular diagnostics, and bioprocessing (manufacturing of biological therapies targeting cancer and other diseases). Students will become a valued scientist with the unique ability to adapt and innovate in many research environments and product-driven industries. 
  • View the Bachelor of Science, Two-Year Option curriculum here.
  • Cytotechnology and Cell Sciences: This program prepares students for careers in diagnostic cytology and practice in a variety of laboratory settings.  Students will develop knowledge and skill sets pertaining to cytology specimen screening and diagnostic interpretation, basic laboratory techniques, laboratory operations and management, application of companion technologies such as molecular testing, and demonstration of evidence-based medicine and professionalism. 
  • View the Bachelor of Science, Two-Year Option curriculum here.
  • Medical Laboratory Science: This program prepares students for careers in a variety of laboratory settings. Students gain the knowledge and skills needed to provide clinicians with the laboratory results used to diagnose, treat, and manage patients diagnosed with various health conditions, such as leukemia, diabetes, infection, and more. Our students receive additional training in areas such as laboratory management, flow cytometry, and molecular diagnostics, giving them an edge after graduation. 
  • View the Bachelor of Science, Two-Year Option curriculum here.