The Jefferson Center of Immersive Arts for Health


Objective: Create cross-disciplinary courses which focus on the impact of art on health, opening dialog across fields and offering research opportunities for graduate and PhD level students.

In the Academic Tier, we are developing cross-disciplinary curriculum on the history, design, and impact of Arts in Health. We are initiating research, and generating and testing creative solutions. We are linking to other institutions in the fields of interactive design, and arts therapy to create intra-university collaborations and student competitions. In the Academic Tier we are:

  • Developing Cross Disciplinary courses on the impact of Art on Health
  • Investigating existing research on the impact of art on health
  • Identifying experts in field
  • Identifying and documenting case studies
  • Initiating research based on course material
  • Creating independent curricular modules for use across disciplines
  • Creating symposiums to align with course objectives

Our first dedicated course, Health and the Art Experience, is running Spring 2022.

The Jefferson Center of Immersive Arts for Health is seeking strategic academic partners for collaborative projects in curriculum building, resource sharing, and intra-university student projects and competitions.