The Jefferson Center of Immersive Arts for Health


We are assembling a growing team of cross disciplinary specialists across Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health. This team is comprised of artists, interactive designers, researchers, and clinicians are working together to develop prototypes and interactive experiences for testing, researching impact, and setting recommendations for the implementation of immersive art in healthcare settings. This team is developing the questions to ask, the interactions to create, the research methodologies to develop, and the data to collect.  

We are using design approaches to bring together professionals from a wide range of disciplines to create innovative ideas, experiences, and solutions to complex problems. We are building bridges between people with specialist disciplinary knowledge, and blending knowledge and skills of different team members to create an overall approach to the project.

We are beginning with the prototyping of art for testing at Lyn Godley Design Studio together with Tom Igoe, from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. A variety of interactive interventions will be explored for initial testing.

Research Studies are scheduled to begin in 2022

The Jefferson Center of Immersive Arts for Health is seeking strategic partners for collaborative projects in research, Immersive art, prototyping and physical computing, and intra-university clinical trials. We are looking to not only work with the best at Jefferson, but the best globally.