The Jefferson Center of Immersive Arts for Health

Waiting Room - Immersive Art for Wellbeing

Saturday, September 17 - Saturday, November 19, 2022

An exhibition of dynamic light, shadow, and movement as immersive experiences designed to calm, inspire, or transform

Work by six artists who use light, shadow, and movement to create experiences that will mesmerize, enchant, and captivate. Each art installation will be set up as a “waiting room” for the audience to spend time immersed in the experience, with the intention of calming, inspiring, or transforming. As part of ongoing research viewers will be able to take part in a survey to collect feedback on their individual experiences of the various installations.

Exhibiting Artists

Each artist's name is linked to their respective sites, with interview video links that follows their work's description:

Aidan Lincoln Fowler

Fowler’s aim as an artist is to push the viewer into an altered state where they can step out of their normal thought patterns and experience the feeling of being present in the current moment. 

Alyson Denny

Denny manipulates light experimentally to make abstract still photographs and moving images. She is interested in the raw emotional power of light, and its effect on mood and energy. 

Lyn Godley

Godley’s artwork is the result of investigations in merging technology and art, provoking questions regarding how light might be used to affect the user; to mesmerize, to excite, to calm, and to heal.

Jessica Judith Beckwith

Beckwith explores the ways perception and thought shape reality – activating the senses through an elemental language of light, sound, video projection and pulse. She creates spaces of embodied knowledge and connection.

Phillip Hart

Hart’s work is based in an exploration of pattern recognition, form, order, and balance. Motion is as much a subject as is its composition. He is concerned with the fragility, malleability, and resilience of consciousness. 

Yael Erel

Erel sees light as a material that constructs dynamic environments that oscillate between drawing, sculpture and architecture. The result unfolds micro scale events as otherworldly light drawings at an architectural scale.

Also included will be the work of the winning entries of the 2022 Immersive Arts for Health Student Design Competition, organized by the Jefferson Center of Immersive Arts for Health, a design, research, and academic initiative dedicated to studying the impact of dynamic and interactive art + design on healing.

HOT•BED Gallery

723 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia PA

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, September 17, 2022 6–10 pm

Exhibition Dates: Saturday, September 17 - Saturday, November 19, 2022

PANEL DISCUSSI0N: Saturday, October 15, at HOT•BED Gallery at 6:00 pm.
An open discussion with the artists on their practices, and the research behind the exhibition.

Sponsored by the Jefferson Center of Immersive Arts for Health, and the Kanbar College of Design, Engineering and Commerce